Sunday, April 1, 2007

Tips for section 3...

Just finished this stitchery last night and I have a few tips for everyone. I had to cut the block about 1/8 taller because the embroidery words are too big. If I had bothered to measure before I started, I'd have seen it.

When you copy the pattern don't put your "d" up as far as they say, mine got chopped off when I sewed the star. I didn't want my T completely chopped at the bottom, so I made sure I had the extra room to clear the quarter inch and then a tiny bit. I'll just make the side stars about and 1/8th wider and take it off on the squares under the star.

If I did another one, I'd lower the d stem down a touch and then after copying everything but "To God," I'd move the fabric down a bit so the "To God", moved a bit closer to Thy. It's got room and that way it would only be as long as the star on the other side. Just be careful so the words fit in the 6" finished size.

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