Sunday, April 1, 2007

Month 4 almost done...

Almost done...Well everything but the hand sewing and the bottom strip. Once that goes on I can sew on the sq in a sq blocks on the side. I switched my house since I didn't want the flag to cover the front of the house. I still have to sew the flag on next to the blue doll.

Here are my tips for the house block.
1. careful of the red fabric you get just enough. I had strands left. Unless I cut wrong and I don't think I did. I cut the 5 3/4" strip off the side of the rectangle and then made all the side pieces and the front from that section. It left me just enough to do the top of the roof with cutting a 1.5" piece for the chimney's.

2. Remember to cut your bottom white strip before you chop up the's something by 9 inches long, but the measurement is on another page!

2. Don't cut the length/height of the blocks above the house until after sewing. Cut the width and sew, then trim. Mine came out 3/8ths too short and I had to chop off some and sew a strip on the top. If I had left the pieces long, it would have been easier. I checked the googly dolls to make sure they were the same size as the red star liberty flag block that it gets sewn to...all good. So I improvised. Thats what I love about these quilts.

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