Sunday, April 1, 2007

Completed Month 8...

So here's the next section all finished...Month 8 done and ready to stitch together with more completed rows!

I showed you how I made the stars previously so they were covered. Not too many tips about any of the other pieces really. I somehow didn't end up with my flying geese looking anything like Cheri's and in the future I'm gonna make my own template with the outer dimensions the same. I don't like how the tip switches place when they are turned back and forth too much, and one side should be up more...but eh, what can you do after the fact.

I will say that after quilting through the wool felt on the Christmas sampler with an all over meander, (UGGGG!!) I am taking Libby's cue and making the new ABC Sampler...all cotton! I had almost decided to re-do the angel block with all cottons, but since I have wool in this quilt already, it stayed as is. Besides, I've decided that I am not going to all over meander this one too. I'm going to quilt in the ditch with some hand work added into the larger areas...and going over the wool won't be done! Hope you like the block!

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