Monday, July 23, 2007

Checking in...

Can't believe that it's been so long since I posted! We've had company from California and I've been out almost every night, then when home I've been on a mission to finish the quilting on my Birds of a Feather quilt. I do have to take breaks as otherwise I'd be severely cripple. But I've also been taking my turns with Mom. We did Chemo Friday and then got lunch and picked up a few things for her and brought them back to the house. Today I had doctors appointments for me and grocery shopping for her and I ran out to get her meds. So my days have been pretty busy. She's doing well, but getting more tired as she goes along and the hair is about to leave for good and she's not taking it as well as she thought she would. But she has a wig already and plenty of cool scarves, so when she's ready I'll bring over the clippers and shave it all off.

One reason I posted was I wanted to show a few posters pictures that I promised I would take. Several people emailed and asked how on earth a big quilt fits on a little domestic machine. Well pretty easily...This pic shows the right side rolled and the block I am beginning to work on is right in the center of the quilt. Notice that I have plenty more room under that arm. I could still get a few more turns of the roll under there.Make sure to get all the quilt pulled up and make a nice puddle on the left side and in the back so that nothing drags against your needle. My hands are ready and once I put the camera down my right hand will go on the side and I will be able to move the quilt right where I need it to go. I do use the gloves with the rubber nubs on the palm to give me some grip.Then the very most important thing to remember is to make a nice puddle of quilt on your lap. If that quilt drags on the table front it will feel like it's glued down! You can see the nice loose puddle I have in my lap!

Lastly, I went to read Sharon's post about her latest projects and saw Clyde's picture and immediately thought of Noodle! He lays like that all the time on the off chance that as you walk by him you will take pity and lean down to scratch his belly. Simpleton has a good seems to work every time! Who could resist that??

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be sitting and sewing the binding down on the quilt. I only have 3 borders to quilt and it will go very quickly once I get to sew. Our new bed arrives tomorrow!! Yippee! A wonderful Sleep Number bed. I didn't realize how awful our mattress was until I went to Primitives and didn't have back pain for 5 days! Back home....hello pain! New bed should do the trick!

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