Saturday, July 28, 2007

It's finally up and on the wall...

Birds of a Feather*
65 x 78

I will say that I am so glad that it's finally up and done. What started out as a well planned attack went south pretty quick. I didn't explain the procedure to hubby beforehand and he got frustrated not understanding what we were doing. Once we got over the hump of holding this 25 lb.(?) piece of wood over our heads at about 13 ft off the ground on 2 ladders plus the level on top, we drew a line and proceeded to mark the spots for the brackets. Luckily we were able to hit studs on both ends...I did mention this sucker is heavy, right. We got the screws in one brackets and decided to check just to be sure we had the level line perfect. Nope...good thing we checked. Fixed that and put up the second bracket. Now we are in business! Up the ladders we go and I pull my end to the bracket only to hear..."I hope you aren't lined up where you need to be" That is never a good thing to hear. Um, yes dear, where else would I be? Well, then somethings wrong.

The instructions are very clear. Find the center and go 32" left and 32" right...well that means 64 inches apart, right?. Nope. Hubby measures and there's 61 and 3/4 or something like that between the brackets on the hanger. Factory messed up something. Hubby had spent 20 minutes hand turning the last of those screws into the wall studs by sheer force and NOW we have to move them? No way. We took down the holder and moved the bracket on the back of it instead. It was wonderful to have it slip into place.

Okay so Sharon, if you read this please give me any tips for getting a big quilt up on that hanger. Funny but the lady on tv made it look sooo easy. Not so much! We wrestled but up it went, finally with 4 hands and about 8 minutes of fidgeting. Turns out it's not so easy to get a big quilt up on the hanger but with 2 people it can be done...eventually. So it's done and I love it. I know it seems very immodest, but I'm proud of this quilt. This isn't the final picture, but I think it's good enough for today.

On another note, I realized that I have been getting nothing done recently. I started watching a movie yesterday to sew binding by and after 2 hours the movie was over and I never went and got the quilt! I just sat there watching. I think maybe I need to check the thyroid meds. Nothing stays in my brain. I should be getting more blocks done, but the thought fly out as easily as they pop in. SO I apologize for the lack of anything quilty. I am going to devise some sort of system to have things ready to go at all times and try and stay attentive to what I am doing at the present moment. Next up with be to assemble the top for the Tumbler quilt. I have the first two rows on the design wall ready to be cut down and sewn together. You also might notice that I changed a few things on the side bar listing of current projects. The quilt that I was making called Road Less Travelled is on hold for a while. I lost all steam for the blocks and they are so tiny it takes forever to put them together. I decided to focus on the Christmas Sampler and try getting that done before Christmas this year! Plus 2 other homespun quilts I have in the works. I'll keep you updated.

* I need a name for this quilt! That's the hardest part for me..naming quilts. Any suggestions would be welcome, toss them right out. I'll have to look at it a while to see what name it needs. It also isn't that rippled at the bottom. That was the side that was folded the worst and it has to hang out.

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