Thursday, July 26, 2007

Quickie Post...

At exactly 6:18 last night I put the last quilting stitch in the Birds of a Feather quilt! Insert the hallelujah chorus and "angels singing".... It's done.

The bias strips are cut and waiting for me to sew them together, then I have to unload the big table and trim, sew down the strips and start hand sewing the binding. I couldn't begin to get a real picture of the finished product, so I'll wait until Saturday when it goes ON THE WALL!!! Yes, the quilt rack is finally going up under penalty of serious harm and the quilt goes on the wall.

So many thanks to everyone for understanding how insanely frustrating it is to have to deal with people who don't even realize the impact they can have on someones life. Don't worry about someone having to step in for my mom and champion her cause..we will. But she has a sharper tongue than I do. She's gotten worse...worse? or better? as she got older. I think that's where I get it from and why I've gotten worse more vocal as I've gotten older. She takes nothing off anyone, and when I see her getting silent I know she's getting broken and depressed and giving up...and it takes a load of crap to get her to that point and THAT makes my blood boil.

Now off to sew...Happy Quilting!

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