Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy 25th Anniversary!

25 years ago I married the most wonderful man who soon became my best friend. It's all gone so quickly...too quickly really. We don't do huge celebrations. Even though it's a pretty special anniversary...25 years. We're spent a nice night at home and eating my favorite chinese take out!

I've been with him longer than I was without him. I don't actually remember the time without him that much, he's just always been there. I hope he always is. Here's to 25 more babe!

** This is my favorite picture of us taken about 6/7 years ago at my nieces wedding. Sorry for the quality but it's a scan.

: I started working at 9:30 am and quit as I ran out of the 6th bobbin of the day at 6pm. Another plus for longarmers...bigger bobbins! Arggg! I got more than 3/4 of the quilt done! Done!! Done!! Done!! Boy do I love that easy meandering. I will actually get to start on the colors and applique tomorrow!

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