Monday, July 2, 2007

Saturday Class...

So are you sick of my trip yet? Buck up..last day. Saturday was one I was again looking forward to since I think I have about 15 Lynda Hall patterns in my collection. What a great person. She was fun, super nice, happy about everything we did and just as supportive as anyone could ask for in a teacher. Mind you the one class I took the teacher chastised and made fun of me because I don't like to rip fabric the whole time. SO this was a breath of fresh air. It was quite funny seeing some ladies get very perplexed over her explanation that nothing would fit, we'd be chopping off rows to make things work, and sewing on strips in a wacky way and then trimming them .."crooked"! I loved it! I was even able to show Lynda something she had never seen before...cutting hst's from strips pre-sewn together!! She thought that was the coolest technique ever. Her class was a lovely table runner/wallhanging called Shirley, Goodness and Mercy.

So let's meet the ladies keeping in mind they are not even sewn yet! Shirley still gets some hair and a halo, and more embellishments before she finally gets another row of strips .

Goodness' hat will be sewn down (maybe another color too) and her collar fixed, and her hat flowers added along with lots more work to come, before she looks pretty enough for another outing.
Mercy ended up with a brown face and she seems good that way. She also has loads of good things left to do to her, hair, eyes, as well as sewing her down before she's ready for another debut. I'll let you know when the gals are ready to play. You can see a picture of the finished project here. About a week after arriving home I finally got my last goodies box of the stuff I bought the final night at Quilter's Station. Just like having a surprise come in the mail. I knew everything I bought but it was fun to see it all again and show it off to my sweetie!

ON the left you can see the Sue Spargo Needleroll Kit for the class I didn't get to take that day. Luckily Sue had a few extra kits and I snapped one up quickly. It will be very fun to make that too. I also got another stack of wonderful homespuns in tan, greens and reds that will go right into my collection of FQ plaids. IN their back corner I found the best grouping of fabrics by Lisa Liffick Designs called Honey and Me that look dipped in coffee and tea! They are so warm and primitive that I had to have a few yards before heading home. I got the cutest ones.

Then wanting one more thing to use for carrying stuff to class I picked up the wooden painted box that had an insert with the word Liberty stitched into the lid. All I have to add is a closure and it will be ready for stuffing with sewing items.

Lastly, I forgot to show you 2 kits that I bought on the first night! The first by Country Lore Designs called #6 9 slice of Summer, should be great for next years summer season.

And then the cutest Uncle Sam wall hanging from Pieces from my Heart called #343 Tip Your Hat! I loved the red white and blue flowers coming up out of Uncle Sam's Hat. I know it looks pink but it's really a very small red and white check. Too late to be up this year, but certainly it will be done by next year!
Sunday we loaded up the car and headed for the airport and home. It was so much fun but I really missed being home. Not enough to keep me from going again next year though! Thanks for putting up with all these long posts. I'm in for the rest of the summer and I have more than enough to keep me busy until Christmas!

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