Monday, July 30, 2007

Many. many thanks...

I must have the weirdest cat alive...I think anyway. He just loves the smell of sweaty feet shoes. Eww! He lays on them every chance he gets.

Wow, I am so overwhelmed! You all saw this quilt come along over the 8 months or so that I made the blocks, and I bet that you thought I'd never finish. Even I thought that once or twice. Thank You, thank you, thank you, for all the lovely comments and praise. I am rather proud of myself for getting this all done. It really was a complete joy to make each and every block. I'm still thinking of a proper name. I really didn't just want to leave the pattern name as it's official name because I want something more personal to me. I like when quilts are named after where you were when you made them, or what was going on in your life...or better yet, what the maker sees when looking at the quilt.

So I stared at it for a while. It wasn't made during any particular time in my life...just sitting on the couch sewing. I do see the birds and colors..but what I see the most when I look at it is that I made it all by HAND. Yes, there are machine pieced blocks, and it's machine quilted. But otherwise every tiny piece was traced, cut, shaped and stitched using nothing but a needle and thread by hands. No glue or starch or freezer paper...all excellent methods. Just that needle and my fingers guiding every seam under to just the right place, curve, dip or point. I think that's what amazes me the most. *I* did this entire thing by hand. Me. I know I sound like I invented the wheel...far from it. But it's a first for me and I loved every minute of it...still do. SO I think the name will reflect that. Something to do with needle turn and tiny stitches, and the beginning of what is sure to be a life long love affair with this particular art form. I'll let you know when I find the right one.

Now I'm off to make some lunch and try to get some sewing done. I planned to sew this morning but calling in 2 refills (which should have taken 5 minutes) turned into an hour and a half conversation on the phone with the medicine company and a resulting call to the doctors office to replace the script the mail order med place canceled when trying AGAIN to replace my thyroid meds with generics. It's really infuriating how their weasel brains can amass all the ways to try and sneak those cheaper meds in there. Hopefully it's all straight now, but it used up my sewing time

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