Sunday, April 1, 2007

Started Section Two...

Well I got the eagle all finished and I like the color changes I made. I didn't go with solid muslin, simply because I didn't have any, but I also didn't want stark bright light muslin, but now I'm thinking it wouldn't have been bad. We have another block coming up that I will do in muslin...or a thicker version of the same color.

Anyway, quit rambling... the block! I think these instructions are going to be best described as measure six times...cut once..and then add what you need! I know every Cheri quilt pattern has that first explanation page where Cheri says...cut piece sizes already include the seam allowance, templates pieces and paper piecing DO NOT include seam allowance. SO I think that's where I messed up on the USA and had to add another piece Beth... I added an outside quarter inch seam allowance when I didn't need it. After doing this block I don't think those rules are set in stone.

Here's my little bit of advice:
Watch your sizes!! I had this pattern already and the sizes on the new pattern that's coming with the BOM are different... larger. Heck when they re-drew the flag it got a 1/4" longer on this new pattern piece and the strips went from 11 1/2" to 11 3/4"!! The flag needed seam allowance on the top and bottom but not the sides to fit the strip sizes they listed to go around the finished section. No biggee, I had plenty of fabric luckily and my flag just fit. Then I cut my strips and all goes together well and perfectly.

Except...LOL!!! That the block is now about a half inch bigger...longer...than the house & basket block that it gets sewn next to in the row. ?? Either I am over analysing this to death or what everyone told me is true. The measurements are a bit off.

So heads up. I like mine. I'm gonna wait to see how big the flying liberty gal turns out and work from there. My friend Libby put a strip under her first section to make it equal to the next section. OR I can cut a bit from the top and bottom of the eagle block and be cool with that too. I've almost gal liberty gal done..I'll show pics when she's finished!

I must say even with all the trouble.. I LOVE this quilt!

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