Sunday, April 1, 2007

Still working and moving on...

I got the bird done for the lower right bottom and I also have everything cut out for the small Oak leaf block. Once that gets done, the whole bottom section will be pieced together.

At the top, I'm going ahead with making the top border. I got the side border pieces done shown below and I also have all the pieces cut for the Sweet Land of Liberty words, basket, and well as getting the side America and redbirds done. I'll be using my own fabrics so I can just keep the pieces that I get later with the packages from HH. This is Cheri's top section.
First thing I'll do today is to take the right border of sq in a sq blocks and add the long strip of fabric to the side. This gives me all the space I need to sew down the "america" and the 2 red birds. It's always easier to handle small pieces with applique rather than having to scrunch up the entire top in my hand to get to the side for turning and sewing down. I wish the top border was that easy but, no such luck. I'll be back with pictures of my progress.

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