Sunday, April 1, 2007

the bottom section...

Sorry ladies I've been very remiss in getting the last bit of directions and tips for completing this lovely quilt up here for you!I left you last time with me trying to adjust the lower section to fit all the pieces together! I chose to put in a nice row of hst's to make up the small space over the snail's trail blocks and I liked the effect it gave. Once I got all that section done, I assembled the top section with the center and started making economy blocks and flying geese for the borders. These work up according to Cheri's directions quite well. I used the template she provided for the flying geese.

Next up is making the lower border which contains stars and houses! I was very pleased that nothing had to be done sideways to make the sections fit together but if you need something to bridge the gap it's all good. These quilts are never done to an exacting standard.

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