Sunday, April 1, 2007

Month 3 completed...

The pineapple section is super easy if done using the freezer paper piecing method I showed you earlier or your preferred method. Lots of fun and would make a great quilt on it's own! Once I got the background done I sewed on the stars and did the embroidery work.

Well I did stick to my goal of getting the current month done before the next installment arrived, however I think that's mostly due to HH being late with mailing out Month 4.

** TIP** See those squares on the bottom of the hand block? Those don't appear in our instructions. I went ahead and looked for the instructions for putting the row together in the whole pattern I have. Now, there must be a typo because it said:

6- 2 1/2" 2 11/8" squares for below the hand

Now what do you think they meant? First it shows 8 squares in my picture. Another shows 6. If they meant 2.5" x 2 1/8", then 6 isn't enough. I cut mine at just that size and cut 8 squares. I ended up with about a half inch hanging off each side and I was fine with that so I sewed and chopped. The 2.5" is right for the length, you can either figure out what you need equally and sew a strip on the bottom under the squares to make the difference, or do something like I did. I just wanted to share what I did and what the pattern called for so you could sew your section together.

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