Sunday, April 1, 2007

I sewed on the final border and seam yesterday afternoon after un-sewing it once! Anyone who works with homespuns knows they stretch. I went merrily along sewing and get to the last 5 inches and I realize I have just under 2 inches hanging past the end??? Un-SEW...and pin the edges and it all sewed fine the second time. Make sure you pin if you are using stretchy homespuns!

Here's another look from the end up towards the top of the quilt.

Mine is super long as I said and I almost added either a row of economy blocks to the left side or another row of flying geese. But in the end I'll leave it alone. I'm getting the backing sewn least favorite job of all and then I'm going straight to the pinning and quilting.

Someone asked how I plan to quilt it. At first I thought all over meander, my easiest speciality, but I did that on the Christmas quilt and didn't like how it looked over the wool, so I am going to do this one with custom quilting. First I'll do as much ditch quilting as I can , outlining the blocks, then move into the pieces where needed and cover the appliques with a bit of stitching here and there to keep them down. I'll make it up as I go along!

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