Sunday, April 1, 2007

Part 3: the "A" and a finish!

The A would have been trickier, but I simplified the template pattern a bit so I wouldn't have to do 2 different sections again. Again I started with the pattern all ready to go with lines folded. I decided that rather than having the background divided into 2 section on either outside, I'd do the center, then add the top chunk and put on the outer background on in one piece.

I did the middle section in three piece just like before.

Above I added both blue section for the sides of the A, then I trimmed across the top and added the upper chunk. I noticed again that the maker of the example decided to simplify even more and make a simple pointed A, but I like the chunkier feel. After sewing on the top, just add the background to each side after trimming!

The only goof I made was yesterday, when I got ahead of myself and added the left side background after adding the left blue, then adding the right blue section followed by the background...forgetting to stop and add the top chunk! SO once I ripped it out I had used the background pieces and had to find other pieces. I like the scrappy look so it doesn't bother me at all.

The finished A, trimmed to add a quarter inch!

Carefully remove the freezer paper and sew together! The pattern calls for a strip to be sewn to the bottom but didn't say how large. Since I have the whole pattern, I looked ahead and saw that it's cut at 1 1/2". I think I'll make mine a bit larger so I can trim it even once the basket is done. I've already made the basket template and folded all the lines to get ready for sewing. I won't show the detail of that one..never fear. I just wanted to make sure you got this technique in case you wanted to use it.

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