Sunday, April 1, 2007

Part 2: making the "S"...

The S was a bit trickier since I had 2 sections that involved more than one part. I had to decide which to do and remove, before doing the second multiple section. I decided to do the small two piece section first. You'll notice if you look at mine and Cheri's pattern that ours are different from the gal who made the example. On purpose, or by accident she made the bottom section on the left much wider by making the lower background section a part of the letter and not the background.

Here's the S pattern above, all ready with fold lines. I did forget to pre-fold the one small line in the bottom section. Again make sure to do your template backwards and draw a quarter inch line around the edge for seam allowance.

I decided to do the smaller lower section first. Just as I did with the U, cut a larger piece, trim with the ruler, align right side together, sew and press open. Then I removed this section so I could do the center section and it's 3 parts. No way to do them while these pieces were still attached.

Do everything exactly the same way and you'll end up with this! This is looking at the paper side in front of the light. You can see the edges cover all the area needed!

I folded back the lower paper section and laid out the section I removed previously and lined it up where I wanted to the be, flipped it over right sides together, lined it up and sewed!

Press open, press to the freezer paper and done. It's not perfect, but I like it. Now add the top and bottom letter sections just like stated before and trim...making sure to add that quarter inch around the template pattern.

The U & on to the A!

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