Sunday, April 1, 2007

Month Two complete:

Thought I'd post a picture of the completed second month's blocks over here. I always post to my own blog too, but some of you might not read that, so I posted here as well. Since this is what the blog is for anyway.

Here's the flying liberty lady, as I call her. I'll add all the buttons after quilting.

Then the two blocks put together in the grouping. I'm really loving the choices they have made in fabrics for this BOM. Plus they send so much! I already have a bag full of scraps and some larger pieces I switched out for other colors.

Now, anyone else planning on starting soon? Dixie, are you getting closer to getting started? Can't wait to see how everyone else does their blocks too. I'm working on the Christmas Sampler a bit then I'll get to the 3rd packet of blocks soon...maybe in about a week! I'm trying to stay current and not get behind...which causes me loads of trouble when I'm doing so many things at once. Hope everyone is doing well!