Sunday, April 1, 2007

Bottom borders...

Six large stars, one small star and three houses make up the lower border. Make sure when you are drawing up the paper piecing pattern for the stars that you have them 5" wide and 7" tall before adding the outer seam allowance. These copy machine do all sorts of things to patterns. Remember to make ONE small star too with a section on the bottom to add the required height for the row. You need it because a larger star is too wide!

There's also a 1.5" strip added just above the lower border in cheri's pattern. But watch the placement. it goes under the economy block border on the right....but before you add the flying geese on the left! I just sewed the geese to a point and stopped. Then waited for the last bits to be sewn before adding the rest of the geese to the left side of the quilt.

You can go back to the section on how to make stars my way using Cheri's templates if you'd like to do it that way. The houses are made similar, but you have to cut your pattern into 3 sections and remember to add the seam allowance to each side to sew them back together! The windows and doors are appliqued on after they are sewn together.

My quilt is finishing at 58 1/2" x 81". Definitely NOT the same measurements as Cheri's pattern called for at 63 x 75". But I got curious and started adding up the dimensions of Cheri's quilts by doing block by block addition and hers doesn't add up at that either! Anyone surprised?? Gotta admit I still love her! By my calculations it would measure 57.5 x 79". I came out just about on the nose because I had to add the 2" spacer bar on one side towards the bottom...without it mine would have been 58.5 x 79!! Just one inch wider. I'm very pleased.

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