Sunday, April 1, 2007

so we're making border stars...

Like I previously said, since the BOM is 2 months behind, I'm moving along without them. I did the rest of the lower blocks I showed before and started on the top border. The top and bottom borders are really more like little mini quilts, and rather elaborate.... but not complicated.

The stars in the side sections can be tricky though. As with any pattern that's been copied over and over, it gets distorted as you copy and copy a copy. SO be careful that your block measures 6 1/2" tall...cutting size WITH seam allowance which you have to add on Cheri's templates. Mine did not. I had to add almost a 1/4". Now this sounds weird but I have no clue what the width is supposed to be. I got 2 different numbers from my two patterns and figured I'd settle on a number and make up the slack with the background for the title. Mine are came out at 4 .5" plus 1/16th, before sewing. I know, sounds absurd, but chopping off the extra just didn't make sense and it messed up my seam allowance so, I left it. That number isn't set in stone like the height. It must be cut at 6 1/2 to match your background piece.

Essentially you have two way to do these blocks. One, you can cut the star apart into sections and then iron each down to the top piece of a stack of fabric, then using a ruler cut out the piece adding the 1/4" seam allowance. I marked the cutting lines for reference. You don't have to use my order but you do need to cut the sections apart before cutting the sub-sections.

Then I used these to get 2 layers of fabrics for backgrounds. I'll do the same thing for the larger bottom border stars too!

The second way to sew them is my standard Freezer Paper Piecing. I won't show it again, but I broke the pattern into 3 sections for sewing. You can chose any way to do this...I wondered for 15 minutes before I picked these and could have gone another few ways too. MAKE sure you reverse the pattern if you use this method!! Here's my start!

And the 3 sections all sewn and ready to join together!
I joined the right and center sections first making sure to do the pin trick so they lined up perfectly, but hey it's not tragic if they don't!
Once that was sewn I had to remove the paper from the right side...too stiff at the seam. Then I joined the last section. The only good place to pin was the far left sewing line next to the seam allowance edge. Sew, press and leave both or at least one paper section to guide you in cutting.

At this point I used the ruler to measure exactly 6.5" x the width...4.5" + 1/16th..don't ask! Cut two sides, then turn and cut the last two.
Pull off the paper carefully and press good!

The top calls for 4 stars, but there is another small star at the bottom so I made that before stopping. Remember the bottom starts are larger, so stop at 5 stars.

Hope that helps with making the stars. I'll be back with a finished top border early this week!

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