Sunday, April 1, 2007

Googly Dolls and the Tin Soldier

I set today as the day to start sewing Month 4! I got most of the pieces cut for the Googly Dolls last night and the little piece ready for the Tin Soldier words. I embroidered the words on before cutting the piece to it's particular size required. Easier I think, or you could wait until the block is done before doing the words.

Just got them finished and sewn together and I really like them. These were a bit tougher to make and I totally messed up the first one and chopped off a huge part of her dress. Here's the paper piecing sequence I used.

1. Cut off the head corner part. Head first, then each side and set aside. Make sure to leave a quarter inch past the paper on the bottom edge for seam allowance.
2. Center between legs first. Sew each leg, then beside legs. Then you can trim across the top of all those and sew on the whole dress.
3. Here's where I goofed. I thought I could sew on the under arm background, then arms, etc. Wrong! I folded back the paper and trimmed off her whole shoulder! So I ended up doing it this way...
Cut the paper pattern right beside her dress and do the underarm background, arm, and side separately and then carefully add them back on watching out to line up your edges again. It's a bit of a pain, but no other way I could figure it out. Make sure to leave the seam allowance again where you cut the pattern apart!!
4. Sew the head back on and press, trim to 6.5"

Tomorrow, the house. I think I'm gonna do mine backwards. I'd rather the flag just covered some of the house back and not the cool triangle gable on the front.

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