Sunday, April 1, 2007

Month one done!...

Can't believe I finally got the house block done with all those tiny windows and all the needlework stitching for the cross hatching in the windows. I didn't like the stark white so I went with 3 strands of a very dark gold. Then I made all the strips and finally got to the part where I easily sewed it all together...eeeekkk....not so fast!

Slight problem...the USA block is sitting there at 12.5 inches and I measured so I know it's the right size. But the house block according to Cheri's dimensions finished at 11.5 inches. Ah the joy of Cheri's quilt patterns. I don't care about adding strips here and there, I'm fine with that 100%, but I wanted to know if I did something wrong of not. No, by the way, I cut them all the exact sizes given. Then I went to check out Cheri's quilt and saw the issue. She didn't get them to even out EITHER. Notice in this cut from her quilt picture that she has four (4) side strips on the left. Blue, red, plaid and another larger blue one. SO I picked out some left overs and made another strip...which I am fine doing.

IF I had wanted the backing to equal out right I would have had to add 1.25 to the backing. If you'd rather yours not have the strip then figure out your size and make the background wider. I also looked at the sample that came with our pattern to see how theirs worked out. If you check out the right side of the A, you'll notice that they wacked off what I guess to be 1/2 inch from each side to make it fit. Her A is almost gone on the right side.

So, just stay aware and chose which look you like best. OH and it's not listed in this section of the pattern...but rather later...that you need a strip on the bottom of the USA to make it fit with the basket block. I cut mine at 1 3/4" and only had about 1/16th to trim. Lay your blocks beside each other and see what you need.

I have a few other things to get done before I start block section #2. If you have any questions...lob them to me. I'll help in any way!

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