Sunday, April 1, 2007

Starting Month 5...

I figured since I had a lot of stitching to do, I'd start the main block of the current month right after I received it. Luckily it really wasn't all that much stitching. I did make a few mistakes though... I merrily sewed along adding all the parts and then put down my 8 1/2 inch square ruler and ACK!! No way the feet and hands would it fit!!

So I pulled out stitches and pulled off all 4 feet and the guys outside hand and started chopping the extra fabric off. Think about something I didn' need to probably cut your 4 strips of 1" fabric before you bother to start stitching. Silly me chopped off the excess and tossed it then, duh! Where's the fabric for the outside!? Luckily I had something similar. After I got the borders on I added all the feet and hands back on! The rest of the work should be easy...a simple heart and a checkerboard with stars.

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