Thursday, March 1, 2007

Top section done!

So I finally got to work on this again! You have to open the picture for a much better view!
I made the J and sewed that to the side between GH and I. They sent a straight piece to work with but I replaced it with a bias strip simply for ease. It's just too hard to bend straight pieces and I don't have a tons of curve but it's so much easier to curve bias!

Once both pieces were done and the same 17.5" inches tall, I simply added a 4 inch piece to each section and sewed them together. The left goes under the blocks and the right, above the blocks. pattern calls for 4" pieces in that little map..but I'm not sure Cheri's original pattern really said what to use. Since they are the same size you could use anything really. Just leave enough room for your flowers, basket, vine and numbers. No numbers?

Never fear...the numbers will go on tonight over to the left! I will sew the lower flowers on after attaching the next section since they go below the sewing line, as do the flying geese below Grandma's House. Then sit back and enjoy having a good section of the quilt finished!

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