Sunday, August 30, 2009


I tried a new recipe tonight and let me say first off...never turn your back on pancetta in a pan to chop cabbage.
It burns.
It almost burnt the house down. (okay I'm being a little dramatic)There was smoke, lots.... and open windows and all the fans turned on and oh well at least the smoke alarm didn't go off.
Which I now realize might not be such a good thing. But I did not need that sound too on top of all the others.

So the recipe, it was wonderful. Just as it was described by Alicia. (I am soo not a picture or food stylist, but I wanted to show it to you, so I stole her chopped plate idea) I am certainly going to be going back to Sweet Paul's to find more recipes. Everything looked so yummy!

My handsome Noodle was on the bed this morning while I was drying and flat ironing my hair, devilishly trying to get me to come over to rub his tummy. Okay so he attracted me for about 10 minutes of good tummy rubs, until someone else had to join in the fun.

Nosey Pixie can't let a good time pass him by! My poor pillows look so small and swallowed up on that big bed, I think I need more. Notice my puffy side on the left? It's my new feather bed mattress topper. Fabulous, if you like soft comfort, but it does make for a rather un-even looking mattress until the puffy comforter goes back on when it cool down. It make a perfect pillow though for boys who like to lay their heads on puffy sides, or plop right in the center and sink in!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


You know how I said all I've really wanted to do this month was sit crossed legged on the sofa and quietly stitch, watching Miss Marple dvd's right. Well it works in the quilt's favor if it includes some stitch work this month. Luckily the abc sampler did. Along with some hand stitch work yet to be prepared, I got tons done.

See, I haven't been doing nothing...I think this is called the flower filler block.

Not everyone adds the lettering in here, but I liked it. If you hate doing embroidery once you applique is stitched in place, like ME...then you'll want to lay out your pieces and get some idea of placement before you use the light box and trace. Don't worry about the untrimmed edges. I wait to trim until after I know what size it needs to match. With Cheri's quilts it's better. These are not meant to be super neat...remember it's folk art. Primitive, folk art.

Another reason I chose to make the numbers almost invisible..a tiny treat that you have to look to see. Once you are done, you assemble, then sew your flowers and leaves down.

Also got the W for wheelbarrow block done, and the little add on numbers for the bottom border. It doesn't get attached until much later, but it's edges are already pressed back.
I also have the background for the Victory Garden done, but not the applique pieces. That should give me a couple good night of hand stitching work to do. Plus, that new project I talked about. I'll keep that for another day. Not a new quilt, just a little side project to keep me happy.
Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

abc sampler...

When I started this month I fully expected to have this top done and hopefully quilted...ha! I had good intentions, really. I got some good progress made, and still do, so lets share what I did get accomplished.

I think I left off on the U blocks, skipping the T for tinman. After doing one already in the slol quilt, I was surprised how hard this one was...well just his head really. I had to re-do the math.(if you are doing this quilt and want specifics, go to the detailed pages on each block here...and can always be found on the top right sidebar under "my other pages") He gets his label and this one didn't really work well for adding the bigger capitol letter to the wording this time. Adding in the sq. in a sq. filler blocks underneath, he got added to Santa and his tree completes that little section. I figured since I was on a roll with the faux freezer paper technique, I'd go ahead that day and get all those pieces I moved on to the X block, the Y block and finally the Z block!!

Then I was done for a while in the sewing room and sitting under the fan on the sofa looked pretty enticing to me. Sitting and stitching. SO I figured if stitching was working so well I might as well go with that feeling and just grabbed everything left for the rest of the quilt and went to work!

I'll share all the stitchery blocks tomorrow or the next day. I have quiche cooling to put in the fridge and a lovely new project waiting for me on the sofa! Have a great day!

Monday, August 24, 2009


What is it with August and sewing? I think over the last few weeks I've popped on several blogs and read the same thing every where....August is a slow month for quilting. Wonder why? I did work for the first few weeks then slowed down.

For me it has been the heat. I do not tolerate the heat at all. Hate it. Above 90 degrees and I get irritated, confused and nauseous...above 95 and I get downright cranky...and mean. Ask hubby. It's been running at 95 or hotter with the temps feeling like 100 or more this last week. I've spent the time in a very dark condo, shades and curtains drawn, a/c blazing, sitting on the couch with light handwork, or a book and watching Miss Marple, perfectly content on doing nothing. Happy as a clam to piddle along.

Not a lot of anything else has gone on. Barely any sewing. My lone finish for the CGQC is done and the others won't make it this month. My tendinitis is still bad and learning a new skill didn't help it get better. I should have stopped when I realized it was making things worse, but I was too far into the mesmerizing punch... punch.... punch of making fabulous designs.

I had always wanted to learn needle punch, but the stores here don't carry the supplies. SO I called the Country Sampler one day, picked out 2 patterns and asked the gal to kit them up for me and send me everything else I needed except the hoop. They came! and I got chicken! Luckily I had Debbie to guide me along. Seriously check out her creations!

But rather than start on one of those and ruin the hand dyed threads, I picked a lovely free doodle design from Primitive Betty and started with that and my own DMC. She calls this Boo Jack. This is way too cool for words!... and hard on the arm and hands. But once you start you just can't stop! I love how it turned out. I had planned to spray it with Distress it but I don't think it needs it. It's darker than the picture shows and very perfect for Halloween this year.

I did accomplish some good progress on the ABC sampler so I'll show those blocks over the next few days plus the other things I've been doing.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

club tag answers....

I am enjoying my time away from the computer, except I can't seem to stay away totally...why is that? But I did know I had to check back in to take care of some club business during the month so....time for some more Charming Girls Club business!

Here we go!

1. Share your favorite sewing or quilting tip:
Well, there are so many. I'd have to say learning the faux freezer paper technique. Getting such crisp lines and placement without having to do traditional paper piecing! No ripping tiny bits of paper off the back, weakening seams! Never again! I have a tutorial here and there are others online. Saves tons of time!Easy Peasy!! and reusable!!

2. Share your best tip for managing your time more effectively:
Ha! Your expecting something profound right? I suck at this it seems, hence the current "break". If I had to say one thing I would say I can't live without my lists. I know they keep me organized and on track even when everything is totally messy and all jumbled up together.

3. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be?:
I'm assuming this is vacation wise, so I'll answer that way.

Iceland...Reykjavik to be exact. Don't be shocked, you know I love cold! Hubby wants to live there, but visiting for a while would be cool too. Not as cold as you might think and very laid back. Second would have to be Europe...all over!

Okay ladies. I'm working hard on my ABC quilt and I need to stop to finish Liberty Sam too. I'm not sure about getting the big one totally done but I'll try my best. See you in a few more weeks.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

finish one...

It really didn't take too long to get this in gear and done. Especially with super simple, walking stitch straight quilting all over the place in no certain order. I remembered it from Kathy's tablerunner.

Easy-peasy and already on the top of my dresser!

That's entry one of the Charming Girls Quilt Club done.

I've been working on my ABC Sampler blocks and I have the X, Z and T for tinman done. The stitching for the Y is done and I'll make it today, along with the yo-yo for adornment. But you'll have to wait for pictures for a little bit.

I'm taking a break. Call it a summer vacation, stay-cation, rest, or whatever. My arm is tired and on the brink of being really messed up so I'm gonna lay off the computer for a few weeks. I really want to focus on just getting some things done around here with no interruptions. Just me and the sewing machine!
So I'll be back towards the end of the month and I can always be reached my email. I'll pop in for my Charming Girl duties too.... never fear!

See you all in a few weeks!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

charming august goals...

Time to pick August choices from my UFO's for the Charming Chatter Girls Club.

I have quite a few things to choose from this time...some left and not finished, some still working but need to be finished already, and some not yet started!! I think I picked a few good ones and certainly not two almost start to finish large quilts again!

First up is the dresser scarf I made in June? or early July for the top of my bedroom dresser from scraps. I got the top done very easily, but the dresser has been waiting ever since for it's cover. I need to baste, quilt and bind this one. It's 15" x 42".

Number two is this Cheri Payne pattern that I got half done in June sometime. I was hoping to have it finished to hang for the July 4th holiday but after a big start at getting the applique done I seemed to run out of steam for the piecing. Seriously, who does the harder applique and then stops with some hst's left to make? Geez Judy! So all I need to do is piece some hst's for the border and quilt it and it will be ready for next year's celebration! I also got stalled on another Cheri patriotic quilt but that's not gonna get finished this month.

My big and 3rd project for this month...the main another Cheri favorite! I am intent on getting my ABC Quilt Sampler completed! I want this puppy on the wall September 1st and what better way to spend the month of August.

I have a few blocks left to make....V, X,Y, and Z plus the top, sides, and bottom border too...oh yes and assembly. Then it will be quilted and bound. I'm hoping I can get it done this month totally, but even if I get the top completed only it will still be fine...I can quilt it in the first month of September and be super happy!

So there are my choices for August. Look back during the month for updates to how I am coming along and what else I am working on between breaks. It's been great to have a little push to get some things finished and off the "waiting to be done" list.