Monday, December 29, 2008

quick post...

Sadly, I've blown out my arm again. Raise your hand if you are tired of this too. (see my arm raised?) UP, UP, UP!!! Yea okay, short and sweet.

Typing is the worst...won't be doing much.
Too much hand sewing, not enough machine work.
Plus new med with crappy muscle ache side effects... won't be taking anymore.

Newest block..pokeberry rosebush...and below, all blocks so far.

Next up...machine blocks! Mandatory break...Be back about January 5th!
Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

cool new toys...

Since Christmas is over, I was ready with new stuff for the digs. Last night I went looking for a better set of progress bars, since hot pink doesn't work with primitive colors very well. Found some great sites and this one from Yarn Tomato. Not only does she have 3 sizes and a whole bunch of pre-made bars in cool colors... She also has a little section to choose you own colors and make your very own. That's where I made my set of Goldenrod. **looky to the right>>>...keep looking***

Be aware that for now the numbers are in black and won't change so you have to stick with a color in the hexadecimal color code provided that shows the black numbers. Although I did email her about having an option for making them white so they show up on dark colors. I'd like a nice dark red set. Once you make your numbers..21 in all for 1 to 100, and save each one, you can then load them into some place like flickr or Picasa Web and stick them in your sidebar as a picture.

**Remember too that if you use these, PLEASE give proper credit to Yarn Tomato. You'll see at the bottom of the right column I have her listed and linked to her site. Lets give proper credit where it's due***

PS: I'll be back with quilty stuff too later on! Hope you enjoying your holidays!
PPS: I am bowled over at the wonderful birthday wishes have made my day extra special!

Friday, December 26, 2008

happy birthday to me...

Today is my birthday. Yes, as I've discussed with several other christmas babies, it sucks to have a birthday so close to the festive holiday. Somehow once you get above 15 you're expected to suck it up and not expect a separate celebration anymore. Geez "with everything going on, you should just be happy to have any present, and not complain that it's wrapped in christmas wrap, grow up"... Yes I've heard that before from a SIL who just joined the family celebration. Luckily I had a star of a mother who made birthdays something very special! She always moved my celebration up to the first weekend of December and made it even more special than my siblings.

When hubby asked for suggestions for my birthday present I came up with all sorts of things. I'd pick one, then decide nope and change to another. Then I knew just what I wanted. I had planned to make a big order of plaids for a special February quilt from my favorite store so I decided that would be just the ticket. PLUS it would be a real surprise!

***Sorry to forget the link to the store...Quilter's Station in Lee's Summit, Missouri. They host primitives of the Midwest every year, which is how I found them. They don't sell online. I call or email and tell them the amounts and what colors I want and I let them pick***

I always give them the colors I want and the amount, but I let the gals at the store pick whatever they choose. They don't sell ugly plaid homespun. Oh sweet torture, this box came 2 weeks ago and I've longingly looked at it waiting. This morning I couldn't wait any longer. Poor guy said if he had to make a living wrapping presents we'd starve! I think he did a fabulous job.

Oh the goodness is almost too much to bear! Baggies of lovely wonderment! Reds, blacks, grays, and a few extra multi-color lovelies throw in to round out the dollar amount I set. I was specific in ordering reds, reds and blacks, blacks, and grays for my full size February quilt. Plus 4 yards of black for the Pokeberry quilt background. **23 yards in all ** Yippee!!
My little helper needed to be included. It's no surprise that all my fabric comes with a side of fur. Oh just to pet these fabrics is heaven. Jane did a fabulous job choosing! These are close-ups of the right side, the extra colorful colors thrown in for good measure. Browns, greens and navy's.

Then the left side...all red and black goodness. I'm going to love making this quilt and saving a bit of each color for other scrap quilts to come! After dinner I'll blow out the candles and enjoy a nice slice of birthday cake provided by the hubs.

We had a lovely quiet Christmas, just us two and the "boys". We watched some kinda unorthodox movies for Christmas day...Scary Movie and Scream 1, but we wanted to laugh. The mailbox should have the last of the holiday movies to watch...Elf. I'm going to relax today, sew to my hearts content, and spend a nice birthday with my favorite fella's.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

christmas gifties...

Late afternoon on Christmas eve, hubby came into the house with a big padded envelope for me. I was completely surprised since I wasn't expecting anything else before the holiday. To my surprise, it was package from my blogger friend Karen at Log Cabin Quilter. Oh it was a most wonderful surprise to get too!!

Karen I am so touched at your generosity! I opened that padded envelope to find this fabulous stocking personalized with my initials and a cute kitty angel! Oh Karen the workmanship is just stunning!

As if that wasn't more than enough to send, deep down in the stocking was another giftie tucked away. A lovely black wool calender sleeve with a '09-'10 calendar to record all my most important dates inside. Karen the detail on this calendar sleeve is simply stunning. The work you put into this present just almost leaves me speechless! You can't know how enjoyable this gift is to me and how lucky I feel to have received it from you. Thanks you friend, so very much!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

merry christmas...

Wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and a very joyous holiday season with your loved ones. Stay safe and warm in your travels and spend time with the ones you love the very most of all.


*****I received the most wonderful generous gift from Karen at Log Cabin Quilter just now in the mail (12/24) and I'll take the time to share it on the 26th. ******

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Christmas Annie's arrived about a month ago but never shared! They do make a season bright!

Monday, December 22, 2008

folksy hearts...

Folksy Hearts
pattern by cheri payne
30 x 43

Now I have to decide whether or not to spend the hand quilting time on it or just machine quilt. I'd love to hand quilt it, and I have the time... but do I give up the wellness time taken away from my arm and finger, considering the tendon issues. They are already getting touchy with the pokeberry hand sewing. Oh well, I'll decide in the next day or so. Could always big stitch it...that would be cool too.

**Just in case anyone asks, I got this pattern at Country Loft. It's an older one and not on Cheri's site anymore. **

Sunday, December 21, 2008

christmas goodies...

My wonderful mailman trudged up my stairs late Saturday with a goodie box for me from none other than Miss Sharon! Who doesn't love a box that comes with it's own wrapping! Red with big green Christmas Trees! These are the best boxes!

I carefully cut open the box and was so excited to take out a fabulous big zipper bag made my Sharon. Too heavy all by itself, I knew it had several things inside. A wonderful punch needle pattern, a cute little notepad for my purse, some paper hanky's and the cutest Mary Englebreit bar of soap. Look at the cute cherry design pressed into the soap!

Thanks Sharon so much for my box of goodies!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

tough conversation....

I know this is possibly a controversial subject but something I should have mentioned before but didn't. When another email hit my box and I knew it was finally time to say something. I know reading the emotion in a computer post can be hard, so let me say that I'm being as polite and nice as I can be here. Nothing is meant with animosity at all. So what the heck is she talking about?....

Well, I'm talking about all the new sites listing "Quilting blogs". To name a few...Quilter Blogs, Quilting Bloggers, Quilt Qua, etc. When I got listed on the first one I politely asked to be removed and I was taken off right away. Now it seems that more and more are popping up and I keep getting listed with either no notice or I do get a polite email saying I've been included and asking me to please mention them on my blog. To open up one of these sites and see whole posts from hundreds thousands of bloggers feels somehow wrong to me. To see a post about a new baby, family pet that has died, or worse a sick or deceased parent...very personal posts... is just wrong somehow next to google AD's that are used to generate revenue.

Here's my problem with this...I didn't start my blog to get thousands of people clicking through. My posts belong to me. They are personal. I don't do this to make money or increase my notability on the web. So I don't want someone generating revenue off my hobby and what I want to share with my quilting friends. When you are on those sites anyone that clicks on an AD gives revenue to the site owner. It also opens my blog up to tons of spammers who now have thousands of blogs and email addresses they can use to send spam. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I don't begrudge anyone who wants to have a site like this or even try and make money, but please don't include my blog to do so. I've spent weeks trying to stop the latest "as seen on TV" emails.

Now this does not mean that you can't be included in all these's your blog and you can do anything you'd like. I just wanted to explain why I was adding the reminder, what it meant and also asking them NOT to include my blog.

So, I've added some wording to my Copyright notice on the left sidebar to that effect. BUT...I don't want any of my regular or new readers to think that this means that you can't link to me in your blogs. YOU CAN! Please feel free as you always have to mention my blog if you are explaining something, or even sending someone over for a particular reason to read something I wrote. Just as you always have before this. Heck, I just did a whole post with links to cool stuff!

This is strictly meant for content aggregators, link farms or link portals as hubby calls them. Just the sites who wish to provide listings of quilting or crafting blogs. Sorry but if you want to find them...goggle them. I won't provide links to them.


Friday, December 19, 2008

more pokeberry...

Just finished up the wreath block and moving onto a few new little quilts for February as well as another pokeberry block. I really love this wreath block! It's a block that would make a nice 4 block quilt or even a nice one block with a lovely border all around...humm, something to think about later! Below is the rosebush block and everything is just easily pinned so I could get all the parts in the right place. I still have to baste the leaves down and trim the stars, lots of stuff as I sew.

It was weird to start more quilts, but I had to remind myself that this quilt, the ABC sampler and the SLOL are long term projects. So Valentines quilts need to get moving now! Should have one top finished tonight!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

cool ornies and things...

I was goofing online when I went on a google search for some scrap wool ornament patterns. I was inspired by Libby's wreaths, several others wool ornies, and some cool prim ornies I have seen at places I can't remember at the moment. But I found loads of cool places and links to share...

Jennifer at Swallowfield has the most wonderful wool poinsettia ornaments.
She also made a great wool scrap covered wreath too.

Betz White has the most fabulous large recycled sweater wreath. It's really to die for and a thrifters heavenly use for all those sweater cuffs. Her post contains tutorials to making most of the different parts of the wreath.
Betz also has a very cute gingerbread ornament pattern for sale in her shop too.
Okay one more...a fabulous tree!
Seriously, I kept rolling to her next post and seeing MORE cool ornaments so please just check out her blog because otherwise this list will be approaching gothic novel length!

Recovergirl has made the coolest wool circle wreath from recycled felted wool sweaters inspired by another wreath!

PepperPaints made wool scrap wreaths from her 1.5" scrap pieces.
She and her kids also made felted soap bars and cinnamon ornaments!

The Long Thread has directions for a ribbon wreath that could easily be adapted to any color!

These are just a few of the cool things I found! Not to mention some new blogs I'll have to read from now on...that Betz White can do amazing things with felted wool sweater parts!

I'm still sewing away on the pokeberry blocks, but I got so caught up ion those that I neglected a few other things, so time to make a list! I'll be around for the next few weeks but hubby will be off more than he's actually at work so I want to spend time with him and not on the computer. I'll be here, just a little more silent until the new year.

OH, one more thing. Lasty I must say...insert obligatory speech here... the toilet fix was quick and took 10 minutes! All better and no leaking (let's not mention it was the 3rd fix) Hubby conquered and was masterful in his ability to plumb... all without the licensed helpers. When you get the right parts the job is quick and easy. Good going babe, you are again my hero!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

blog award...

Sweet Amy was kind enough to award me with this Marie Antoinette award. I'm not entirely sure what this award is about but I think it's for being a follower of her blog... I do know that am sure that I am pleased to accept it. Thanks Amy.

I am supposed to nominate 7 people who are wonderful followers of my blog, but there's not way to pick just 7 people. So I'll just issue a BIG general Thank you to all the people who take the time to stop by and read my silly ramblings!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

applique and DVD's...

Early Christmas presents have arrived at my house! I haven't been told all of what I'm getting, but the majority are things I knew about or even ordered myself. It's really fine...I don't do surprises and I don't need them. But while I know most of them, I have NOT torn into all the packages coming into the house! Give me some credit...I can wait. Sort of.

This package I needed. It was my 15 yards of lovely dyed prim muslin. Libby was kind enough to share where she got this fabric a while ago and after ordering 3 yards each of dark and medium muslin to test them out, I fell in love with the way they look. SO I went for a nice big bundle this time. 10 yards of dark and 5 of medium. Should last me for a while. I never asked if this was hand dyed, but it sure looks so. I love the way it gets almost striped at times depending on the dye pattern!

I've spent some of the weekend sewing SLOL pieces and also getting blocks ready for the pokeberry quilt. One thing that takes the most time for me is picking the colors for every piece. That takes me longer than sewing!! That and copying all the pieces onto freezer paper. So Friday night I took the book and the freezer paper and spent time watching movies drawing all the pieces I needed for a while, then cutting them out. Once I got my fabrics picked out I spent 4 hours Saturday morning prep-ing leaves for the wreath block and the rosebush block.

Here's where I am on the wreath block. There are more leaves and flowers to add, but I add as I go. These are good to do while watching all those Christmas classics that we drag out each year. A Christmas Story has been watched twice and will be watched a few more...tonight it was Scrooged. On the list for this week are Elf, It's a Wonderful Life, Home Alone, and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas both new and animated.

Tomorrow night will be devoted to trying to replace the toilet tank guts AGAIN. Poor hubby spent half Saturday and most of today trying to replace what is normally a simple process. But for some reason nothing went right, nothing fit our huge tank, and no matter how tight the valve, it wouldn't stop leaking. How hard can they make this? He's not even sure what to do next. I'm for calling a plumber but he's not ready to admit defeat yet. If you hear screaming tomorrow at about 6pm eastern time...ignore's him and again, it's not working.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Ahh...the joys of folk art quilting...

As Shasta said in her comment. That's exactly it. Mistakes become incorporated into the design. Now I certainly DO NOT profess to be any sort of expert on these type quilts, or this particular quilt. All I merely wanted to do was have fun making my quilt while sharing my experiences along the way. How I made each block, what worked, what frustrated me, what drove me nuts...and most of all, how I solved all the boo-boo's.

I'll also say that I almost did not write this post either because I really didn't want to upset or scare anybody any further by announcing that my pieces weren't fitting together. This is just how mine turned out. Not everyones may do this! Plus...It's going to be solved so that you will never know it ever WAS an issue!

By now you know that I am a serious Cheri fan. I have one of those plastic magazine holders in my craft closet stuffed! with all my little manila brown envelopes, but sometimes the measurements can be a tiny bit iffy. On a small wall hanging I work around any instances of that and none the wiser. But on a big quilt like a sampler that you've already sewn into sections it can get a little hairy. So a tip for you...don't! Seriously, I might have gone back to having the single blocks if I *could* go back.

Actually truth is I will most assuredly be taking out my trusty graph paper and graphing out the ABC sampler sections just to make sure it all works out. Buggy Barn might do that for me...they did just that for the first section!! We got a lovely drawn out **measured** drawing in the mail from BB of how the top would work out! How cool!

So back to thing that always seems to trip me up are the template sections. As Cheri states...template pieces do not include seam allowance (s/a). Well sometimes they need a s/a around the edge and sometimes they don't. It hasn't turned out consistent for me. The USA did... the basket was perfect... the flag under the eagle needed s/a on the top and bottom, but couldn't have s/a on the sides or it wouldn't have fit for me.

This above is what I saw when I laid out my two halves of the bottom section. First I knew I needed to connect the lower right angel/ oakleaf/bird to the top with the template stars and angel and bird the in vase thingy. It should have lined up perfectly. You'll notice it didn't quite. No biggie, sew on a strip and be happy. Once I sewed that seam, I could turn over and sew the remainder of the flag seam. Second issue came to light. The flag is supposed to be the same length as the right side section. I've measured everything and all the backgrounds and pieces are all the correct size. I suspect again that the culprits are the flying geese in the center, but mostly the star blocks. I wondered when making them, but they matched up to the lower parts and fit together beautifully then so I never gave it a thought. Then I laid out the left section. Problem..too short. In fact the right section in Cheri's quilt has a strip sewn on the bottom to make it the correct size to match up to the left side. Well my left side as you can see is shorter without.

**Now again, You may never face any of these issues, but I did and this is how I plan to solve them and what you have to consider when doing so*** Mostly, how does adding strips effect the size as it pertains to the other sections. Length is no big deal. Width however is a big deal especially since I have the top section totally completed. Before I sewed this I laid it out as you see below and pinned the other two top sections over it to make sure they fit. They do fit luckily. Rather than having all these strips at the bottom, I'll shift the sections like below.

I plan to make a line of hst's to fill the gap over the snails' trails and put a small section under the flag. I think it will look just fine. I haven't a clue if I did anything different than the pattern or not but it doesn't matter at this point. Notice I did not say "wrong". Nothing in folkart is wrong in my eyes. This makes this quilt mine. I'm happy with it now, so I'll be thrilled when the tops done...extra sections and all.

pokeberry again...

Just a baby post since I'm working up to a BIG post with lots of explanations in the next day or so about the SLOL quilt...see it's going together, but it's not going easily. So, no biggie, I can adapt but I want to make sure I explain it correctly and easily.

So I'll leave you right now with another block for the pokeberry quilt... what I refer to as the weird branch block! Ha! See, red bird is rightly in his place and Noodle is still alive...all is right again.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

sharing the "map"

As I was getting the pattern together for this quilt I realized that a "map" provided to me from a friend didn't come with this months bom package. It probably will in a later package, but since it pertains to the top section below...I thought I'd share it now and say that it can also be found on the tips page.
It gives you sizes of strips you will need to complete the top section and a hint about what goes where!

**I also want to say a few things about this quilt and the patterns. Cheri's patterns can be really intimidating for some if you are used to patterns that give you very detailed actual directions for every tiny piece. These are not those patterns. Don't misunderstand, she gives you directions for everything, but they are hand drawn. I've always looked at them as more of a suggestion rather than a mandate. Your circle might not look like the pattern circle, but if it looks good to you, then it's perfect.There is no wrong and right. If you like how it turned out, then it's right!

They are complicated samplers, but I'd hate to see anyone not do a quilt they love and really want to do because they are worried about it being wrong. I'm a visual person so it's easier for me I guess. I can see something and figure it out faster than reading directions. If you want to try these quilts, start with one block...try it out. Feel free to look at the tips or ask questions. I bet you'll be having fun before you finish. **

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

SLOL changes and finishes...

I got my top section completed and all done!! I know the top is ragged, but I'm leaving it until the whole quilt top is will make trimming easier with no miss cuts.

I got all the embroidery done on the sections and I already put all the button eyes on the quilt. I know most say never do it before quilting, but I'm very careful when I quilt and I also plan to quilt in the ditch anyway with hand quilting added for some of the appliqued blocks. There's no problem of buttons appearing in the seams!

Close-up of the left side....

and the right side.

It's a wonderful quilt and I know that some people get overwhelmed when seeing the whole quilt and get scared. Don't think about the whole quilt at once. Just pick one block, read the directions and start slow. I know the instructions are a bit crude to some who are used to being lead by the hand with most patterns, but these patterns are this way so you can add your own personality to the design. As long as YOU like the way it's perfect! I'm moving on to get all the rest of the economy blocks done for the right side and the houses and stuff so I can get done and start quilting!!

***Now, I am no longer over at the other blog centered around doing this quilt...after all as Beth pointed out, it's her blog, and I certainly have other things I could be doing with my time. SO looky right over on the top of the right sidebars section and you will see the link to the Sweet Land of Liberty Quilt Tips Page!*** Everything is still right there as it was and has been.

I'll explain my reasons for removing myself from the blog as well as anything contributed by me later.

Monday, December 8, 2008

more pokeberry...

and a police update! Thanks for all the funny comments! Poor babies looked like criminals for sure! I'm happy to report that the victim was found unharmed under some gold homespun fabric on the sewing table. Evidently the rookie cop assigned to search that spot will be assigned to a desk for a while. Birdy was perfectly okay. Seems the "perps" tossed him aside to really get at the leaves and their freezer paper overcoats. I think he fled and went into hiding for safety myself! Since the quilt has several birds in various spots I'll keep his twin and put him someplace else. I swear I asked that cat all day where to find my bird.

I did get a couple more blocks done as well as the aforementioned bird placed in his rightful place on the next block waiting to be sewn down.

The bird bird, blue bird and a nice crow...

and the flying geese block. I love this block, it's so colorful.

I'm getting the last of the buttons sewn on the top section of Sweet Land of Liberty so I'll make sure to show that tomorrow or the next day. I'm not sure how much I'm going to sew tonight, I'm tired and I just got the tree up with the lights on and the garland strung. Can I stop there? Does it really have to have ornaments? Never wait this late to put up the tree. I know for me it's too late and I feel tired and like I won't get enough enjoyment from all the work. Of course I could just be whining...nah, not me.

I got the only store shopping I had to do done quickly today with almost no crowds! Target on Mondays is slow?? Who knew? I picked up 3 things for hubby, 2 for me *s*, and one from SANTA. See ya tomorrow!

***ALSO** if you are looking for anything on my blog that you can't find, let me know. It's still all here. On the right side are the other pages I'm keeping: the Sweet Land of Liberty Block by Block Tips and the ABC Quilt Sampler Tips. Also Tutorials, My Projects, and Archives. Also the place to find most of the stuff I used in the blog re-do...credits and stuff.
Most of the photo gallery stuff and participating webrings are on the left sidebar! ***

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Crime stats....

MISSING................. One red bird.

Distinguishing markers: tiny stars over the entire body and wearing a freezer paper overcoat.

Last seen: Sitting approximately atop a weird tree structure...located on the sewing room table, UNDER a folder for protection.

SUSPECT............ Noodle Boy
aka: Brown boy

aka: White boy, The "Brains"

As of this writing the bird in question is no where to be found. Not under the bed, in the closet... nowhere and presumed lost forever. The owners don't think the bird was the original target, as the "suspect" and his "accomplice" have a thing for freezer paper.

This clue was left behind...The outer shell of an eagle previously left in the hanging trash bin. The "accomplice" has quite nimble fingers and easily picks out victims for his partner in crime to destroy at whim. **Please note that the picture of the victim is actually a double made as a replacement bird** On-going efforts are continuing for the remains of the lost red bird.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Well yes, it looks like it, huh? Don't freak...same 'ole me, just jazzier with 3 columns!

Back later with more goodies!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

december resolutions?....

Not quite "new years" resolutions but still it has to be done. I am a list maker! I stopped doing everything I had in rotation when Christmas suddenly crept up on me and all the holiday quilts I wanted on my walls were nowhere to be found! Oops. Gotta get sewing. SO now I find myself just a bit behind in some if not all of my monthly BOM's and projects. I hate being behind! Drives me nuts!

I've been keeping a list each month of what to accomplish and I've done a good job so far getting things marked off, but now I need a new list. A "getting things back in order" list, if you want to call it that. Ongoing projects....catch up items to's waiting for work....things to be quilted...they are all in there. SO I'll make my list here and keep myself honest.

The Sweet Land of Liberty quilt...
I'm rounding out the finish on this one and stopped with just a few things to finish to complete this section. Then it's on to the bottom border and the economy blocks and flying geese for the sides.

Four Seasons Stitchery quilt BOM...
Still currently going, I am one and a half seasons behind. Mostly due to arm issues. Sadly this type stitching causes me the most trouble with the tennis elbow so I have to ration out the work. But I have Summer almost done. Should only take a few months to catch this one up with just Fall to finish up before assembling the whole top.

ABC Quilt Sampler...A brand new BOM that has been patiently waiting for me to start. This one is behind on purpose. I just didn't want to get another quilt started until after I finished the holiday quilts. I did Month One and have 4 months in house to complete. They will go quickly and I'll be caught up in no time with the group!

My Kaffe Puzzle quilt...

This is also a BOM that I found after it was done, but I have about half of the quilt to finish. Shouldn't take too long to get back on track. ** I should have listed where it's located..bad of me! All the BOM instructions can be found here at Forum Farbstoff. Remember it's in German, but it's easy to find the link at the bottom of each download by knowing that Heir in English means HERE! She also gives links to the other gals blocks and a slide show on the left shows the completed tops! I am following along with mine based on Christiane's lovely version.**

The Pokeberry Quilt...
Like I needed another quilt to do. Three blocks down and two move prepped to be sewn. Not a bad start. Plus, it's a long term applique project that will go right along with the others. No biggie and I love making the blocks!

Taupe Tumbler Quilt...

I've been eyeing those block every time I open the closet and get something out. Wouldn't they look fabulous quilted and hanging up for the winter? All those lovely brown taupe's and... all the blocks are done! Just have to assemble the top and figure out the borders.

***These, of course, are not the only things on the list to be completed. I also:
  • have to quilt a few tops...Blind Man's Fancy..... Pink 9 Patch...Patriotic Top Hat.
  • have 2 doll quilts to hand quilt...
I sat down after reading the newspaper yesterday and made that list. Normally I can keep them straight, but there are so many at the moment that I need the help of a list. Heck I forgot that the Blind Man's Fancy quilt was waiting on the back of the door to be quilted until about a month ago! That's sad indeed! But once I get a good system worked out and a few finishes done I'll feel more in control and ready to get down to work!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

good things....

OH man I learned a few interesting things in the past two days!

ONE.....Felting can be done in the wash using a cotton pillow case cover! You put your thrifted or regular dyed wool into the case WITH a dye catcher and zip it up. Not too much, then throw it in the washer with an old pair of jeans and a towel and let it got for the longest cycle on super hot wash/cold rinse. It turned out fabulous and not one bit of wool gets sent down the pipes to plug up your washer line. In a condo you don't want to have to find the plug in the walls! Not a good thing. I took it out of the case to dry since the lint catcher does a great job is getting the threads.
You open the case and all the little balls of felted wool are waiting for you!

these are some browns, blues and purples. Plus I washed all the orange and when it felted it got fuzzy and soft and some of the color came out and softened. So it's all good and it looks less shocking day-GLO now and what I don't need to be orange I'll stick into a quick bath of brown to prim it up.

TWO...The Piece of Cake gals blog had the best tips I have seen in a while. Answer to my prayers let me tell you!! A great way to hang your quilt. Linda posted the hot to on their blog so follow the link right over and read. This is a savior to me since I hang small quilts on the wall below my picture shelves and all the quilts are different sizes, so sleeves don't work...the small nail would still have to move. But this way the nails can stay put and the dowel will sit right on top of the tiny nails! No matter the size difference! Awesome idea! I won't bogart their pictures so go and see!

I plan to make some double sided triangles then turn them inside out... so no raw edges and sew them to the already finished quilts by hand. Otherwise it's great to do as you bind!

Now I'm off to eat my very late lunch!

pokeberry envy...

...yes that's what enticed me over to the dark side with Kathie and Juliann. Pokeberry envy. Like I really needed another quilt to start, especially a hand applique one. Oh well. Here's my start to the Pokeberry Quilt blocks.

The house is done...
so is the doll...

The birds are just waiting for the last one to be sewn down and they will go in the done pile. Then I can get a few more blocks prep-ed and ready to sew in my spare time.....hahahahahaha! spare time...yea right!