Monday, May 28, 2007

Just so you know I've been sewing...

I'll put a few things on to prove it. I had been making these with a few other ladies recently and sharing. It works great so we each get a great quilt and lots of different patterns and colors with no duplications. It's really an easy block to make and a lot of fun to find the color combinations for each block. It's called the Paducah 9 Patch in case you didn't know and it's very fun to see all the light X's form when you lay them out on the wall. 44 down...too many to go. What do I need? Maybe 100's of these for a queen size quilt?
Secondly I ripped off the quilt that Libby made a few months back. Let's be honest. I ripped it off. I had tons of scraps and loved the quick nature of doing one of Lori Smith's 16x20 designs so off I went drawing up the pattern and making one for ME!! Sometimes you don't want to finish a want something new to make! I also signed up with Homestead Hearth for a 9 month BOM where they send you the FQ's and you make one each month from Lori's new package of 9 little quilts. I chose the Pink/Brown combo coloration but I don't plan to make that many pink and browns....I'll use my FQ's and switch out the color combo's on some of the others. The quilt is on the hoop right now being quilted.
Lastly, I can't express how sweet you all are to keep Mom in your prayers and thoughts. Tomorrow is the lung specialist and that should get the ball rolling with a biopsy and other things. Cross your fingers it's a harmless blob. That would be super.

PS: like the blue? I'm painting the house too and thought a little summer color would be nice around the blog for a while. *G*