Friday, February 29, 2008

Finally Finished...

Decided I needed a break from the diary blocks...not that I wanted one, but I do have other things to do too, so I made myself take a break. I cut a few more blocks, then pulled out my string quilt and sandwiched it for quilting.

All done and ready for the coffee table today. Time for Valentines to come down...

These are all my completed blocks CW diary block so far. 18 made and about 6 more ready to sew. I have to start thinking about what to sash these with at some point and finding the fabric.

Now today I hoping to get a new top done, if I can get off the computer to work!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Today's block...

When I went back to the quilt show the 3rd day I was supposed to hit the French Connection booth and get a big basket, but completely forgot. I think it was CW fat quarter I came home, looked up their site and ordered one. I love the fact that this basket was made by cooperative weavers in Ghana, and someone who really needs the income to help their family. Not some machine in China. Yippee! My trusty mailman brought it right to the door! I plan to stick it under the table for scraps. It's orange and dark purple.
I swear I really can do other things besides just the diary blocks, but since I've been spending so much time with these fabrics this week it's hard to not grab some of the lovely colors and do the new blocks. Since I had 7 to do this week from Dawn's list, I stared cutting. It's so easy to cut them out and having them sitting ready for me sew when I have 20 minutes here and there.

This morning I started to do the pieces for "A Little Broth". Anyone who does this will realize that it's not quite a 60 degree triangle. I'd say it about 61 degrees, so cutting standard diamonds wouldn't work. I knew it had to be paper pieced so I traced out the pattern, then flipped it on the lightbox and drew it backwards on another sheet. Once I had the pieces cut I just couldn't set it aside. I had to make the block. SO I made my fold lines and got started. I had to cut it on the main center line into 2 pieces in order to work. I pieced the four sections starting with one of the diamonds and worked out to the edges, then added the final triangle on the outside. Here's how both finished sections look: and how they look on the back.I made sure to cut a 1/4" seam line on the edge and then started to pin so the 2 halves could be sewn back together. To do this, the easiest way for me is to stick a pin right through the spots on one piece where I want the seam to hit. Then take the other piece and stick the same pin through the exact spot on the opposite side. It will line right up once you do this. Here's the pins through the seam junctions:And Voila!! A Little Broth....The finished block that looks so pretty! I actually trimmed from the front making sure I had a 1/4" from each point and with a little fidgiting, it worked out.

Libby asked to see our ironing boards. I have my Grandmothers regular stand up ironing board which looks totally normal with it's new flowery cover from Walmart. It rarely comes out of the laundry room. Most times I use a little 14" board on the rolling cart. This past week I've been using the larger board balanced on 2 rolling carts. It's the perfect size for ironing FQ's and half yards.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Where does the time go...

Oh yea, the washing machine and I will be getting married real soon. I should say that I don't normally wash fabrics beforehand, especially if I'm making a wall hanging. But when you join a swap you have to wash and I started out in a CW swap for nickels, then Paducah 9 patches, and now I just swap 9 patches and P9P's with my bloggy good friend Carol and so I've stuck with pre-washing the CW fabric. It's funny since most of the fabrics anymore don't bleed. Oh, the red dye sheet was a lovely red color, but the rest, not so much.

So other than washing, I have reorganizing my fabric shelves. This is the before shot:

Homespuns on the left, CW on the right. Regular on the bottom shelves. It's changing! Gotta have room for the new stuff and I have been lazy lately and just sticking the ones I use back on the shelf at the top of the pile. It takes no time at all for all the colors to mix together like fruit salad. The cabinet on the left is also filled with fabrics too that need to be re-organized. Yikes!

But it's not all drudgery. I've been sewing and catching up... I made 6 blocks yesterday while ironing to catch me up on my current block list and I have 5 more all cut out waiting for me to sew. From left to right on the top row first, they are:

Hospitals.......Severe Fighting....Letters or Papers from Home....
A Beautiful Picture......Pleasant Campaign......and The Fall of RichmondNow to sew the ones for this week and the ones I picked out for next week. If you'd like to join us and want to know the list of suggested blocks, you can pop over to Kathie's and check them out. Scroll down for the list week by week. Oh and click on the sidebar link called Civil War Blocks to see each one up close and personal.

Just so you know I'm not totally nutty about doing only these blocks, I've got other things to get done today too, like getting my 30's string quilt ready for quilting, finishing hand quilting my Schoolhouse Quilt, sewing the piecing around the 2nd block in the Four Season's quilt. BTW, no fair that the local gals already have their 3rd section, ours won't go out till later this week. I finally got my next package for the Sweet Land of Liberty quilt and I'll get started on that as soon as I get my swap blocks all done for Ms. Carol. A load of stuff to do I know, but luckily I always have my quilting buddy to keep me company...does he look like he's interested in my work? Only thing that fat boy is interested in is someone walking by and stopping to rub his belly! Sew on!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Here's where I'll be for a while...

Oh the joys of having new fabric and the sorrows of having to wash it all. I don't pre-wash everything, just the CW's. Dawn said she loves it. My back does NOT! Not the ironing, that's fine. I love to iron, but the pulling the pieces from the washer in a tangled mess, and having to lurch over the washer cutting the strings...not so much! These are the first piles for the wash. Believe me it's only half of the haul I got. Yes, I went back for another few things today. Never done that before, but the wool was calling me. I've never seen wool anywhere near my house and I simply had to have a few more pieces...oh, and some red and navy from the Liberty Homestead lady...and another bundle; pink and brown. And I forgot to check Marcie's quilt at my local Nancy's Quilt shop booth...and that last booth on the way to the door out that had tons of CW FQ's and Jo Morton ones in particular. I blame it on the bundle lady, she told me they were not making poison greens at the moment, so I grabbed every one I saw. Got some lovely ones.

This is the largest collection of CW fabrics I have seen in my house. Hubby even said he thought I had quite an extensive collection now. Larger even than most...HA!! SO I showed him Sharon's room, someone else's room, Bonnie Hunters room, etc, etc. I was promptly told to turn off the computer and get away from the screen. LOL!

So after all the shopping, I have piles. Piles to wash, fold and sort. I did the browns and greens already, but I decided to re-fold them to make the extra pile fit on the shelf. Plus I'm taking the same plan that Kathie employs and cutting some pieces out right up front to add to a pile. A triangle from each for a 1000Pyramids quilt, and a tumbler piece. Plus I have 4 sizes of squares for the antique scrap quilt that I showed in the magazine here. Plus grabbing a few pieces here and there for new blocks for the Diary Quilt. I'm a bit behind this week with my required 7, but I'll catch up. Now to kick a brown kitty out of my chair so I can re-fold a few fabrics before bed!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Goodies and more....

Well I am home and so tired! My back was screaming at the end and my wallet was empty. Well, no, I left with about $27, so dinner can be on me tonight. Ha! We both agreed that it was a much larger show, but not a better show for the most part. A lot of booths were put in bluntly...junk. Looked like they went around the shop and grabbed everything they had laying around and just flopped it all in a booth.

I don't ever feel the need to stop and check all of them, I can usually tell right away if there is anything I might like in the booth from far away and zoom right on past if there's nothing that interest me. We went in and I went searching for the CW lady. Luckily she was found a few rows from where we started and I immediately found a great shop that had all sorts of colored wool. Yes w-o-o-l!! At MY quilt show! It's unheard of before now. Got 8 FAT 1/16th's of a few colors I need for Sue Spargo's quilt and some I just thought were yummy.

It's sad to admit that you can't fit all your crap in one picture! I always say I can't imagine spending all that much and then I do. I had cash, which I thought the people were going to faint over, and when that ran out I knew I was done! LOL! Here's picture number one!

The coolest booth was Liberty Homestead. Beautiful hand dyed cottons and wonderful patterns. I got her 25th anniversary book with 54 patterns, 2 patterns, and quilt hanger (with the stars) 2 color FQ bundles and 5 total yds of different color backgrounds. Yum! Over on the left are 33 FQ's of CW reproductions that most of you have but I missed ages ago and I was able to find them at one of the 10 get one free! I also found my Bohin needle pullers!! *s*

Picture number 2 shows my new quilting hoops that stand on their own! a size 10" and 14" they fit together but come back apart and now I can lay it on my lap and have nothing resting on my arm trying to balance. They are made from the same resin I like but really cool. The yummy wool pieces I got on the left, and then my biggest purchase!! These are the CW bundles that I specifically went to find. I bought 8 of them. Blues, browns, rusts, loads and loads of patterns I have never seen before and probably will never again! I loaded up with shirtings too. There's a bundle in the first picture!!

The lovely wools...

Close-ups of the FQ Civil war bundles...where is all this stuff going to go???

I don't have loads of pictures of the quilts...sorry. I actually looked at most of the quilts, I just forgot to take out the camera all that much. I'll share those in a second post. But I did want to add the 3 blocks I made yesterday afternoon to this post. I can't wait to open up some of those new bundles and get sewing!

LL - Enthusiasm
LL - Jersey Boys
D - Love Letter. An extra block I just loved..
More blocks to follow, and more projects finished in the upcoming days. I'm waiting for new packages from BOM's and such too.
Quilt Show!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back with more blocks and all the goodies after I rest up from loads of shopping! Well that's if they have what I'm looking for anyway. CW prints, 30's and a few other things. Got my Love Letters book yesterday and I've had the best time marking block to do! Later....gotta get ready!!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday morning...

Who knew yesterday was a holiday? Not me...until I started looking around for something to watch as I sewed and all these marathons were on and something was amiss. Darn! No mail!..which means nothing book arriving today. Luckily Kathie is right on the spot and I've got 3 blocks I can make from her postings and sharing. But not today.

Today I am showing my finishes on other sections of quilts. I must keep up with all the others too. I finished Lady Liberty on the right there and sewed the section together for this months completed allotment. I wonder where the next section is??? I also got started on the embroidery for the Four Seasons Month 2 and it's about 75% done. If I get off the computer, it will be done and I can start cutting block pieces for the CW diary blocks. Yippee!

If you want to see all the blocks I've completed at a glance, I've added a link on the sidebar under Links to Cool Stuff under the Mavericks ring. Click it and it will take you to my PicasaWeb album. Now I better get moving and stitching. One and a half more days till the quilt show!! I can hardly stand myself, I'm so excited!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday check in...

The last two blocks for the week are done and in the plastic tub I labeled for this quilt. Gotta have a special tub for them to wait in right?

# 7 ...Bitter Enemy.. I didn't realize that the block was brown and blue until I had cut the squares, but I like this coloration.

#8 ... Splendid Victory....

I know that 8 blocks, but I did an extra in there. I won't have a block for a few days since I'll be waiting for my other book before I can start the next 7 of them. SO stay tuned.

These blocks are 6" finished for a few that have asked. Also the person who asked how all my points and seams turn out so perfect. Look closely and you'll see that they aren't all that perfect, but I do work hard for them to be right. I would have answered privately but you are not set up for any email. The biggest trick is cutting accurately, sew a consistent seam, press with lots of steam and I always press for construction and make sure I have opposing seams at all junctions.

The ring for this group is now located on the sidebar, but people are still putting the links on their blogs so it has a few missing links. If you want to go around you can always click on the term List and click on the individual blogs.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cival War Diary Quilt...

I think I am a follower by nature. Kathie decided this week to start doing blocks from the Civil War Diary Quilts and the Civil War Love Letters quilt books. I have been looking at her blocks all week as well as stopping by Patti's and seeing she was doing blocks too...I loved them but how many quilts can a girl do at once...right? Too many it seems! After seeing Kathie's block today I c-a-v-e-d!!

About 12:30 I started grabbing fabrics and cutting pieces. Stopped to eat lunch and came right back. I had 6 blocks done at 6:30! I thought I was caught up with Kathie's latest...Abomination of 8 patch. But then Patti posted another and so I'll cut that one tomorrow and sew it too. Edit: Turns out Kathie substituted and I like the block so much I'll keep it too. These stories are so interesting to read along with the blocks!

Kathie picked the first 7 I think, and Patti will choose the next 7, then Dawn. I ordered the Civil War Love Letters book today and should have it by Tuesday or Wednesday. I'm going to stick with the color choices in the book making my blocks favor the color, but with my own choices for which fabric I use. It really was nice of Kathie to decide to do this! It makes it so much more fun to have others to keep up with and follow along. Before no time, we should have a big nice quilt finished!

So here are my blocks in order of how I "think" they were done...
Block 1....Selling the Livestock. These really are very simple blocks to do, so far.
Block 2....Yankee Papers..
Block 3....Church. You gotta love cheddar and blue together!
Block 4.... John Morgan..I saw this on Kathie's design wall and started cutting, then realized the red and green block was next. Thanks Kathie for locating the block!
Block 5... Special Blessings (I really need some lighter greens)
Block 6...Abomination of Desolation...I love that I used my CW dressing gown fabric! I was dying to use it and this coloring worked perfectly. It's really even prettier in person.So that's 6 blocks done and after I make the last two blocks tomorrow I'll have 8 of them done..not too shabby for a days work. Thanks for the idea Kathie! I understand she and Meghan are making a ring so you can follow along with the girls making these blocks. As soon as it's ready and I add it to my sidebar, you can follow along, or join in!
Edit: The ring appears on the side of the bar now, but it's not quite ready to go around. We have to be approved and hooked up, so to speak. But you can find us at these locations...Patti, Megan, Kathie, Dawn, and some others I'm not sure of at the moment, but will show up on the ring.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Ahh, actual sewing...

Well finally some sewing to show! I got several things done during my get well days. Lots of blocks for various Cheri Saffiote patterns and some new BOM's. Got the "parts" done and sewn on the first Four Seasons block, so it's complete and block 2 is traced and sitting in the hoop as we speak. Can't start it tonight because I want to get the last SLOL block done for this month before that package arrives and makes me feel bad for not being done on time. Here's the hand block as they call it, and then the pineapple block...

I goofed on the hand block. I should have laid it out and made sure all the reds were scattered, but I just grabbed and sewed. Then because 2 sides were a tiny bit longer than the other 2 I got stuck with like colors next to the same and Oh well, I'm fine with it now. Not coming apart to do another one. In the scheme of the whole busy quilt it won't matter.
I've seen every ones packages come in and today I hit the jackpot myself! Got my order from Z&S of Civil War Backgrounds and a whole mess of 30's prints. I love that you get a 2 1/2 inch wide strip tied in a ribbon. It's a free piece of fabric. I use them in all sorts of things! The red is what I wanted for the binding of my string quilt, so now I need to get it quilted and bound...maybe this weekend!?

Hubby also brought me a nice Priority envelope in with the backgrounds I ordered from Fabric Shack for doing embroidery blocks on. I realized I was seriously lacking in nice backgrounds for all these stitchery patterns I'm doing over the year, so I stocked up. No reason to show you 10 different colors of pretty lights. Imagine them...I'm sure you have several in your own stash too!

Now I need to focus and decide what I want to buy next Thursday at the QUILT SHOW!! Yep, the Quilt show is coming to town!! There's a lady there who has the most wonderful FQ bundles of CW prints. I got 2 last year in Turkey reds and browns. I'm expecting to stock up in her booth so she hopefully will return this year. Cross your fingers..XX! She has fabrics patterns I've never seen before and haven't since. I can't wait! Well hubby's home and the weekend begins! Hope you all have a great weekend sewing and spending time with your families!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day...

Lovely gifts from a lovely sweetie...

I put Annie next to my flowers...which show up red, but are a wonderful hot pink and white.

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine night!

Happy Valentine's Day, I've been tagged...

Looky what we got last night while we slept!

Seriously it was 64 degrees yesterday! I went to the mailbox before dinner and didn't realize it had dropped so much, then I think hubby said something about a possibility of snow. Yea, right! First I knew of it was a phone call from him waking me up to tell me I could have this stinkin' snow of mine!! He was stopped in the car 55 minutes into a 25 minutes drive to work. Hey, I did not order this stuff. People saw flakes and stopped cold, stupid drivers. It's about all gone already.

Look at the snow...see anything? Tiny paw prints. Noodle stuck his head out the door and ran for the snow like it was a rug or something that he wasn't supposed to be on. He literally pounced on it! Idiot cat, then he fled back into the house after I screamed to get in the house.

Thanks everyone...again! I'm all better. About 99% anyway. It left almost as fast as it came and I hope to never see it again. It's not pleasant and probably why I don't drink, I hate that feeling. On another note...

I've been tagged by Beth so I'm sharing 7 random things about me...first

1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Post THE RULES on your blog.
3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog.
4. Tag 7 people and link to them.
5. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

Here goes...
1. I was born outside the US and didn't give up Filipino citizenship until age 5. I was born at Clark AFB in the Philippines and because my parents were US citizens I got US citizenship by default, but I had to go to a big room at age 5, raise my hand and say I wanted to be an American citizen. So I have a Philippines Birth certificate and US citizenship papers.
2. I do the Jumble and Celebrity Cipher everyday. It keeps my brain working.
3. I hate watermelon...yuck!
4. I have to read the paper in order, front to back. Don't grab a section and mess it up or you get the stink eye.
5. I sleep with a fan on every night for the sound and the air, even in winter.
6. I can't read unless it's completely silent because I say the words in my head as I read.
7. *I* don't consider this weird, but ....I believe in spirits, ghosts...what have you, and have had 2 personal experiences with them. Hubby shared one although he still refuses to admit it...but he knows I'm right.

I think I may have stolen a few ideas from others, sorry...I'm not tagging anyone since I think everyone I know has been tagged, so if you haven't and want to play ...Jump right in.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Very quick post, sorry. I think I need to change the name of my blog to something like...

...the medical journal? life as a patient? pathetic can I be??

Uggh. I swear I was feeling fine, good as new, better even! Then I did the unthinkable....I went to bed! How dare I? Went to sleep at 1 am on Monday and woke up at 2:30am to go to the bathroom and I swing myself out of bed as usual and promptly fell over. FELL O-V-E-R!! That's right. Yep, couldn't stand up straight! Whole room was spinning! Hasn't stopped. Only thing that saved me from a full face plant was the cat tree. For a few seconds I thought someone turned the earth sideways.

I wasn't going but hubs insisted and off to the doctors I went. I can't drive, so poor hubby came home from work and took me. Inner ear disturbance. I look like a drunk fool without any of the fun of drinking!!! Even the doctor laughed at can you get this bad in a hour and a half os sleeping??? Seriously!! I swear I'm not this sickly and inept! Looking down is horrid and I can't type well without looking at my fingers, so no computer! So more time to sew! It's getting better so the doc said just last it out and be careful to let my head clear before I walk anywhere. If I start getting nauseated he can give me pills but I don't want any. I'll write more when I can see the keyboard!!

This was waiting for me when I got home! My Easter order from Nicole...Do you see her tiny bunny? She even has a blue check underskirt under her lovely dress.

And just so you know I am sewing, I'll show you my first block of the Four Seasons needs the fabric parts sewn on today, but the needlework is done. I'm doing the embroidery for a block from Cheri's SLOL quilt now and then I'll do the second Four Season's block . Carol and Beth are way ahead of me and I can't have that. Sharon is not far behind them too. SO I gotta keep up!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Almost good as new...

Well this really has been above and beyond the easiest time I have ever had or ever thought having surgery would be...hands down! Of course it hasn't been all peaches and cream. My face is sorta broken out from the rubber around the mask they had over my face to keep me knocked out. I'm allergic to latex, rubber type stuff. I got up Saturday morning feeling good, took my regular meds, which includes a pain pill I take every day for a muscle condition, and felt like a million bucks. Heck, I can go to Walmart for a couple groceries, sure...I feel great. I big butted my stupid self all around Walmart. I did laundry. I piddled all around.

Then about 3:00 that afternoon a big brick wall jumped up and slapped me right in the face! I don't feel so hot and everything sorta hurts. Hey honey, I feel like crap. Uh D'uh, you had surgery 24 hours ago babe! Okay, so I'm an idiot! So I took 2 Advil and crawled under the sheets for a nice 3 hour nap. I've smartly curtailed my gallivanting back, no matter how good I feel, for a few more days. Meanwhile I've been sewing up a storm between naps.

I sewed the binding on this little baby and sewed it down. It's all finished and waiting for July to come out and play. I don't think I'm even gonna add any quilting stitches because it's only 12 inches square and the batting was sewn through when I did the embroidery. I'm working on more embroidery at the moment for several quilts but nothing done enough to show.

Thanks and more thanks!!! for all the lovely support and good wishes. I can't believe I dreaded this for over a year and put it off. I'll say they have made some really good improvements in surgery stuff since the last time. A definite thumbs up from me!

Friday, February 8, 2008

I'm home...

Very pleasant experience really. Not bad at all. I'm pooped and gonna hit the sack for a few hours to wear off some of the anesthesia. I did just fine. Thanks for all the good wishes.

Anyone else having issues with the spell check button?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

12 hours till D-Day...

Last thing you thought you would ever see on my site huh? The day before Judy admits herself, voluntarily, to the hospital and gets put to sleep?? Maybe I should have opened with a death mask or something! *s* But that's not what the happy dance is for folks! It's for the 6AM "gotta be at the hospital time slot"! Y-e-s, you heard me right! Be here at 6 am...I'M FIRST people. 7:30 time to start. First in line for surgery, no waiting all day while I pass out from lack of food or water, no waiting all day while I pass out from a-n-x-i-e-t-y!! I'll still be asleep when I get there. I won't even be hungry! Thank you! Thank you! Now if only my heart would stop beating through my chest I'd be an even happier gal!

I have tons to share and stuff to show. I won't be on for a few days so this will have to keep you all entertained for the time being. I'm sure all my fellow crazy bloggers will have more than enough posts for you to read and keep you busy. I have 3 stitcheries ready to be worked up that should keep me busy for a while. A new project that I showed last, 2 months from Four Seasons, and a stitchery center for the SLOL BOM. Plus I have scads to do on the machine.

First up on the completed list...TaDA! My first Patriotic 4th project! All done and ready to be trimmed and have the backing and a red check binding put on. I don't even think I have to quilt this one since it's only 12 inches square. I might take a few stitches inside the star, or around the teapot or outside binding. Thanks to Sharon for this little beauty. She showed the picture from Country Loft and I drew it up. The pattern it came from is made by Donna Yackey and it's a whole quilt.

Yesterday morning I finished the last section on my 30's string quilt top! God I love these bright little cheery fabrics! If you like string quilts you really ought to try one. I didn't use any backing and it turned out super. I could see this in all sorts of colors, even lovely solids. Shouldn't take but a half hour to quilt and then add the binding.

I've gotten mail all week at my house too! Today they UPS man dropped off this little bundle of sunshine. Aren't they fabulous? Just like a little drop of sunshine! These are the new Little Darlings 6 collection of FQ's. Just yummy!OH, I need to answer some questions. First someone asked before if I had a long arm. Nope very short arms! LOL! No, I just use my trusty Bernina. I'd kill for a real longarm but I live in a condo and we like sleeping in a bed.

Second this arrived today, the fabric for my new 1800's quilt and sorry to neglect you and not share the name of it. Bad Judy. It's made by Andover and in the Jo Morton Necessities line. Now it's an old line so you will have to scrounge around for it. I had to hit 2 places. That's generally how my luck runs, a day late and a dollar short. Here it is ready for me to get my rump moving on some of the blocks.Another package brought Carol's swap 9 patches and P9P's. So sweet and pretty. I think I have about 65 -9 patches now and over 100 P9P's.Then of course, the last package...which arrived first actually, early in the week, was a guilty pleasure. Okay, so I know I'm supposed to save money, but it's not really my fault when they keep popping up over there on the site and begging to be bought. says BUY ME right under their names! Besides, I'm done for a bit now......right after my special order Easter Annie arrives. I'll see you all in a few days. I'll pop open the Mac and check up on you all from time to time, so behave. last thing. Thanks so much for all the answers about the fabric round-up. I think I do the same thing mostly but I need a super clean up. Mostly I think I need to do something with all the fabric that I bought years ago that I no longer would ever use. Stuff that's fine, but so far from my taste now. I'll have to do some sorting and searching and I'll make sure to share all the results right here!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fabric sorting Poll...

Hey everyone...I have a question. I need to re-organize my fabric and I just wondered a few things...

Do you organize your fabrics by type? Homespuns, cottons, 30's, etc. THEN color?
Do you organize them by color no matter what type?

I seem to end up with piles and now I'm all jumbled around with colors mixed here and there, my homespuns separate from the cottons, backings in a separate pile, etc. Thanks for any answers you give, it will help me figure out how I want to re-do these messy shelves!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Lots - O - everything...

UPDATE: I re-did the pics so I hope you can see them now!

Well the weekend went by and I never felt it. Hubs worked the whole time straight through..14.5 hours Sat! Luckily he got home early Sunday. I watched the tail end of the game, just enough to see poor Tom Brady hit the ground many times. Poor tom...NOT! LOL!!! Loved the ending!

Again I dabbled in loads of everything. Finished some swap blocks and mailed them this morning to Miss Carol. I got a new patriotic embroidery piece in the hoop and started doing the outlining. All of it is backstitch and just one place where a wool letter goes and it's done. It'll be ready months before July 4th. I'll show it when it farther along. I did get the first of my Christmas ones traced from Cinderberry Stitches.

How does everybody else mark your Lazy Daisy stitches for leaves? The first time I marked them I drew the loop, then after a few stitches failed to follow the lines perfectly I got smart. Control freak people...remember? Now I mark only the beginning and the spot where I will come out and anchor the loop. That's what makes it look like I have tons of random dots in the pattern. Some are satin stitched dots, but most are lazy daisy leaves. I just love the curly mouse tails!

A while back I emailed Libby when she was busily working on her Queen size whole cloth and I wanted her to point me in the direction of the place she bought her smaller versions of the same thing. I need to work on my consistency and evenness of my stitches and thought this would be the perfect thing to use for just that purpose. It's hard to do that with tons of seams from little quilts. Being such a nice friend she did just that! Well 40 inches was still a bit big for me, so I hesitated. Days later, I get another email and she's hunted down an even smaller version. True friend that girl! Here they are!

If you want to find them, just type in mini wholecloth in the search engione of eBay and they will pop up! I ordered 2 of them and they were reasonable and really great for my practice works. They aren't masterpieces or anything so don't get your hopes up. but I can get my stitches more even and have something great at the end. I figure by the time I get them done and washed they will end up about 15 x 15. Just perfect for sitting on the table under a bowl or something.

I was about to iron this when it dawned on me I think that sets the blue stuff? Doesn't it? That would be just like me. Lastly, I'll leave you with a nice picture of my quilting buddy this morning. He still won't get that he's too fat for the top bunk. Keep stuffing it in the hammock fat boy. Demand the top bunk! Momma loves that sweet face!