Thursday, February 21, 2008

Goodies and more....

Well I am home and so tired! My back was screaming at the end and my wallet was empty. Well, no, I left with about $27, so dinner can be on me tonight. Ha! We both agreed that it was a much larger show, but not a better show for the most part. A lot of booths were put in bluntly...junk. Looked like they went around the shop and grabbed everything they had laying around and just flopped it all in a booth.

I don't ever feel the need to stop and check all of them, I can usually tell right away if there is anything I might like in the booth from far away and zoom right on past if there's nothing that interest me. We went in and I went searching for the CW lady. Luckily she was found a few rows from where we started and I immediately found a great shop that had all sorts of colored wool. Yes w-o-o-l!! At MY quilt show! It's unheard of before now. Got 8 FAT 1/16th's of a few colors I need for Sue Spargo's quilt and some I just thought were yummy.

It's sad to admit that you can't fit all your crap in one picture! I always say I can't imagine spending all that much and then I do. I had cash, which I thought the people were going to faint over, and when that ran out I knew I was done! LOL! Here's picture number one!

The coolest booth was Liberty Homestead. Beautiful hand dyed cottons and wonderful patterns. I got her 25th anniversary book with 54 patterns, 2 patterns, and quilt hanger (with the stars) 2 color FQ bundles and 5 total yds of different color backgrounds. Yum! Over on the left are 33 FQ's of CW reproductions that most of you have but I missed ages ago and I was able to find them at one of the 10 get one free! I also found my Bohin needle pullers!! *s*

Picture number 2 shows my new quilting hoops that stand on their own! a size 10" and 14" they fit together but come back apart and now I can lay it on my lap and have nothing resting on my arm trying to balance. They are made from the same resin I like but really cool. The yummy wool pieces I got on the left, and then my biggest purchase!! These are the CW bundles that I specifically went to find. I bought 8 of them. Blues, browns, rusts, loads and loads of patterns I have never seen before and probably will never again! I loaded up with shirtings too. There's a bundle in the first picture!!

The lovely wools...

Close-ups of the FQ Civil war bundles...where is all this stuff going to go???

I don't have loads of pictures of the quilts...sorry. I actually looked at most of the quilts, I just forgot to take out the camera all that much. I'll share those in a second post. But I did want to add the 3 blocks I made yesterday afternoon to this post. I can't wait to open up some of those new bundles and get sewing!

LL - Enthusiasm
LL - Jersey Boys
D - Love Letter. An extra block I just loved..
More blocks to follow, and more projects finished in the upcoming days. I'm waiting for new packages from BOM's and such too.


Vicki W said...

I hope you left something for me to buy tomorrow! LOL!

Libby said...

Every bit of it looks deeeee-licious *s*

Carol said...

OMG you got some WONDERFUL stuff...didn't you love the Liberty Homestead booth. We saw her at Road to California and I had tons of fun in her booth. I got that book too. I love it.
Your blocks are great!!!!!!!!!!

Darlene said...

Look at all the fun you had! Wowzer! I'm glad you had a great time.

May Britt said... wonderful to see all this stash :) You are going to love your needle threader.......I got it and it's soooooo useful. I have to look for civil war repros now because I am to buy the civil war diary book and start making those blocks.

Beth said...

I love Liberty Homestead! I see them every year at the Paducah,KY quilt show. I think they also offer a retreat place too. Wouldn't that be fun to go to!

MARCIE said...

Neat stuff you found! I loved the Liberty Homestead booth also. Plus several others. You know if Marcuso Bros did a a show of CW quilts and repros many of us would enjoy the show more. As it is, I didn't even look at all the quilts in the show. I may go back tomorrow. All that shopping is exhausting! Glad you had fun.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh man! I could just take everything you bought! I love it all! I have one of those hoops - they are great! And I see your CW bundles came from cotton in the cabin, I always hunt down their booth at Paducah! I made a few more blocks too and decided I needed more variety in my fabric too! I'm checking out what a bohin needle puller is......

Needle, Thimble and Thread said...

love the fabrics in your blocks. I think I may have to buy the Love Letters book!

antique quilter said...

Love your blocks Judy.
glad you were successful in finding CW fabrics
where oh where did you buy those bundles from?
do they have a website?
Oh I will have to look into that book, I Love their booth in Lancaster...she makes wonderful quilts.

Marilyn Robertson said...

Love your CW blocks. I joined in on the fun today. Now to wait until my book arrives in the mail!

Lea said...

Oh, I LOVE YOUR PURCHASES!!! (I'm screaming now*LOL*)
Aaaaaahhh.... I love those yummy wools.
I know if you see Liberty Homestead's booth, you can't resist! She has wonderful goodies. :-)
Thank you for sharing your wonderful purchases!

Ginger Patches said...

Oh look at all your!!!