Thursday, March 1, 2007

NOP block

Wow did this one take me quite a while to do!Nine Orange Pumpkins...I love how Cheri incorporated all three letters in one block. Making the background and the pieced pumpkins is not hard at all and you can follow along very well with her pattern sizes. I did my embroidery after I stitched down the applique pumpkins.

But as easy as that was, the letters are just plain tough to sew in the size given. I would have enlarged them, but I was worried about running out of room. I wish I had gone a bit bigger, and I wish I had done the in sections. What I mean is...more like the d,e and f letters. One piece for the stem and separate pieces for the curved sections. However, I didn't and it took time to get them down with most ending up only being a 1/4" wide at the end.

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