Thursday, March 1, 2007

GHI complete...

Got the finished GHI block all done and it's patiently waiting for me to finish my quilting explosion to be added to the ABC & DEF blocks for the whole top section. It's so hard not to rush and work on this exclusively...but I have plenty others to do and I really have to get the Sweet Land of Liberty done too. I don't have all the packages for the SLOL borders yet, but I do have a lot and the economy blocks and flying geese are patiently waiting for their turn too.

SO back to the block. you know I can't say this enough. These really are done best when you let things happen and just work it out in the end to get the finished size. Another block here that quite frankly I had NO idea of the correct size. We discussed the GH part and the I section was no different. But it's fine! Mine isn't going to look exactly like Cheri's or Libby's or Susan's or anyone elses. It's got my unique measurements and style. That's a GOOD thing!

SO here's what I came out with for this block. Remember back to the ABC and DEF that are sewn together. Those measure 17.5" high as is...then they have a 4" piece sewn to the bottom of both blocks. The GHI section also has a 4" strip sewn to the top of that section. So it stands to reason that it needs to be the same height as the ABC&DEF section..follow me? This makes them 17.5" tall. Working off that, I sewed the bottom strip on the GH part and cut the whole thing to 17.5" tall.

Then I made my little blocks...are those J's??I had no luck doing it the way Cheri suggested so, knowing it was to be 8.5" in the end, I cut my pieces and trimmed them to 2.5" hst's. Then I made my little set of blocks. Make sure it's 8 1/2" square. Next I made my "I" and sewed large strips (probably 2.5 and 3") to the sides, top and bottom and appliqued on the ice cream cone. I knew it had to be 8.5" wide to join the little blocks...and 9.5" tall to end up measuring 17.5" when sewn together. It's nice to have extra room so you can cut it on an angle before joining with the blocks. Yours might not be this size, just figure out your size needed and work with that.

Now on to the joining of the top section. Although they gave us everything for the applique, I won't be able to do much since it requires the other lower sections below to be attached before sewing on most of the pieces. I'll do what I can before moving on. Next up...the Kite and Log Cabin blocks!

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