Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Civil War blocks...

Finally got to sit yesterday and do nothing but sew! The smaller the pieces the longer it takes to sew them, especially when they are faux paper pieced.

From the top, moving left to right are:
LL pg 265, Fasting and Knitting
D pg 199, Battle at Williamsburg
LL pg 257, Sewing Society for Soldiers
LL pg 181, Old Abe Lincoln...he's a bit different because his background was shorter on one side, but I love how he turned out!

LL pg 129, Baptism
LL pg 203, Furlough

I'm still missing several blocks on the list, but I've also done quite a few not on the list, so I'll keep working! Adding on the new ones for this week too! I think I'm going to start paper piecing a few of the more complicated ones as soon as the paper arrives. I've got several more cut out to sew today so off I go!


Patti said...

Your blocks look great! So, has the book shown up yet? Can't remember for sure which day I mailed it but it seems like it should be getting there pretty soon.

Carol said...

Oh I love your blocks...I'm sewing today...YIPPEE! I should have some to show.

Crazy for Primitive Quilts & Gardens said...

Such awesome blocks! Very nice! Love your blog header. Adorable :o) Beth sent me on over to check it out and I am so glad I did. She is great! I am going to start Sweet Land of Liberty, and I was popping on your blog to get a few tips, as I have (gulp) never paper pieced before. I will stop back again! You have a very nice blog :o)

Karen said...

Your blocks are wonderful!! Is Lincoln fabric?

Kathie said...

Oh your blocks are awesome!
Abe looks good :)
yes I have seen where just the oval was appliqued on a block
It is hard to cut it out the way the fabric was printed.
I am waiting for EQ6 to arrive so I can print out some of the more advanced paper piecing blocks, I am tired of drafting blocks right now !!!!
keep up the good work on this quilt...

kjquilts said...

I really like the show of blocks by all you gals that are doing CW quilts! The names are so interesting. I'm going to have to buy the two books just to look at. The Abe Lincoln block is really a great one, how did you do the picture of Abe?

Wendy said...

Those are some wonderful blocks. How nice to have some time for sewing.

Lea said...

Well done, Judy!
Lovely blocks. Oh, you are so busy for sewing.*S*
I'm thinking about making "Sewing Society" block.Gee... another small pieces.*LOL*

Dawn said...

Oh are they wonderful! I love them!