Monday, September 3, 2007

I'm here... fabulous last minute vacation, no special projects to use as an excuse. Just going through a rough patch and finding avoidance more comforting ...or easier...than struggling to work things out. Stress overwhelms me and when I get that way I start to sink and avoid everything. Sewing has been extremely difficult for some bizarre reason and obligations overwhelming. But this isn't a blog about any of that.

I have nothing fabulous to show at the moment..hence nothing to write about but I wanted to check in all the same. I did get several packages thing week. One I was especially waiting for was a book that was mentioned by Lucy on her blog...and then ordered by Mary...and ME and it turns out Libby too! Fabulous book! I am looking forward to doing much more hand quilting and many more fabulous designs! I ordered three new patterns from Lynda Hall to add to the ever growing list of fabulous quilts I simply must do! Prairie Christmas Star, Night Flight and Family Branch. Click on the Keeping Room and scroll through to find each pattern on Linda's site. Prairie Star and Night flight are newer and in the Keeping Room. Family Branch is under Patterns.

I did sew together most of my Christmas Sampler top section this week and will get a picture up very soon. Hope everyones working away on something wonderful!

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