Saturday, September 29, 2007

Well, I'm touched..

Thanks so much to everyone with all the helpful suggestions and prayers sent my way. Unfortunately we've tried everything. Cooked enough food for an army, bought everything. She folds her arms, sticks out her lip and refuses! My brother said yesterday that she's almost come full circle and gone back to being a toddler in a way because she's acting exactly like a 3 year old child having temper tantrums. She's determined not to eat anything she "thinks" might taste bad, although she can't taste anything anyway. She's developed thrush...a yeast infection in her mouth and although after trying the lozenges they gave her and realizing they really worked...she stopped using them. NO reason, just control issues. I really don't think it's an attempt to just go ahead and end her life because she has huge plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas...when she gets better. It's us kids who keep reminding her that unless she eats she WON'T get better.

SO yesterday after spending 4 hours getting her ready for my brother and sister to take her to the docs for blood work I finally went home. My sister called 25 minutes later. Her blood pressure was 70/50...almost no pressure. She went straight to the hospital. So I went and packed her bag and met them. She'll stay hopefully for a few days, at least until Monday. They can fill her with fluids and nutrition. Although I have doubts because the idiot doctor put her on a regular diet?? Hopefully after the nurses report she's eating nothing they will put her on the feeding tube.

Seriously thanks for all the support. I love the notes and will try to get back to all of you. I'm sewing today no matter what. It's saturday so all the working siblings are taking their turns, and I have holly blocks to make for my sampler. The windows are open and the breeze is a fabulous 73!!

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