Thursday, September 13, 2007

Finally Sewing...

I got my swap done finally and sat down today to do some work on my Christmas Sampler by Cheri Saffiote-Payne. I had a lot of the blocks done already and then sat down to sew them together and do the angel blocks for the top section. They probably look nothing like angels at the moment but they don't have heads right now! That will help them along greatly tonight.

This is the first section all done and ready to wait for the second section to be added.

The only thing left to decide is whether or not to add the border around all the sides. The pattern calls for a 2" border on all sides, but I haven't decided yet if I want to add it or not. I also changed the snowman block to one more to my liking based on one another gal did in a friendship group on Yahoo I belong to. I plan to make a few changes actually. I think that's the fun of making someones pattern. Changing things to make them our own and closer to what we like and what works for us.

I'll show my swap piece after I mail it on the 25th and my swap partner receives it. Sorry but no previews before to goods arrive at their destination. It would spoil the surprise.

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Erin said...

I love it! Very nice..can't wait to see the entire top together!!!