Thursday, September 27, 2007

Is there life out there?...

Just thought I'd pop in to say that I'm still here and swamped with Mom issues at the moment. A chemo appointment day that turn into a marathon 8 hour day that started with waiting 2 hours for the 15 minute doctor appt and then getting started for 4 hours of chemo. Plus having a sinus cold, and a UTI that decided I didn't have enough to do already that day! I was wiped out! and I didn't do anything but sit. I know you working gals do it valiantly every day, but I don't and it killed me! She's doing great with the chemo..2 sessions left. But the main issue now is that she refuses to eat. She can't taste anything, so therefore she refuses to eat. It's infuriating that she could survive the cancer and the chemo...but end up dying because she stubbornly won't eat. Not can't, but WON'T. Suffice it to say my mother is incredibly stubborn and no matter of cajoling, begging or threatening by all of us kids seems to work. Even doctor's warning. So no food makes for an increasingly frail and weak mother and requires an extraordinary amount of care from all of us...which I'm sad to say is probably the perk that keeps her doing it. My level of frustration is beyond massive at the moment...but that's enough about that.

So I've not touched the computer for any length of time in the last week nor have I picked up a needle since I finished the last little quilt! No pictures, no warm words or interesting subjects to talk about. Great blog huh?

Seriously, I am so touched at how many of you commented about the quilt. I don't really have any idea how I plan to quilt it, but very simply I think because of all the seams. I plan to do the next one much simpler so I can dive into some baptist fans. This isn't the quilt for that, but I'll find a nice design for it! I need to get back to sewing and as soon as I am done with this post I plan to do just that! I have pieces to cut and things to ready for the next Christmas Sampler section! I laid out a plan of attack and should get some things done quickly, I hope. So better get to it. It will take me some time to catch up on all the wonderful things you have going on in your lives. Please send some of that energy my way!

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