Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This morning while reading the paper I realized that sometimes being so close to a major landmark can make you indifferent and cause you to take such things for granted. I often take for granted that I live only about 20 minutes from Colonial Williamsburg and Historic Jamestown Fort. It always amazed me growing up that families would spend whole vacation weeks just to visit Williamsburg?!?! Even the big 400th year celebration of Jamestown that brought the Queen of England over here for a visit was partially poo-pooed by the locals. They had trouble giving away the tickets. This is actually quite sad really.

Then this morning I saw the pictures of the newest findings in the Jamestown Rediscovery Project and being that it was a copper-alloy thimble is really peaked my interest. Quilt related you know... I guess I was expecting it to be much cruder, forgetting that these ladies came from England and all over with their treasures. Most didn't even have wedding rings. But I bet this thimble was a prized possession indeed. Lost years ago in a cellar. They have determined that it was made in Nuremburg Germany, and if you look closely inside the red circle of the picture below, they believe they found what looks like a makers mark, which could help them identify the maker.

Can you imagine how many times this was used? Was it handed down or new? From a very wealthy family or not? How many tiny stitches did it accomplish before getting lost? Boggles the mind actually...and something definitely not to be taken for granted.

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