Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sampler Blocks...

It's tough working on things you can't share with anyone...like a swap piece I'm working on currently, but I did get another block done for the Christmas sampler...2 actually. Here's the leaves block with lots on my tiny berries. I used my new circle thingys to make them and they worked great. Nothing melts when you steam and the rings stay perfectly flat.
These are half inch berries. I love how Gwen Marston describes them in her Liberated Quilting book "People always ask me if they are stuffed, to which I usually reply...NO, they're just full of themselves!"
Because they have the seam allowance pulled in the back with the running stitch, they appear puffy...as if they are stuffed! I could have needle turned the leaves, but all those dips and curves was too much for me at the time so ...I decided to fuse and button-hole this block! The other block I finished was the snowman...but he can't be finished until I sew the blocks together for the top section. I'll show him soon!

THANKS for all the congrats on the chemo kicking the cancer's butt. It wasn't without cost. Mom's pretty sick and still can't eat, but at least the tumor is gone and it wasn't for nothing.

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