Friday, August 3, 2007

Still plugging away...

I think the sewing gods are conspiring to keep me away from the machine! I came in this morning and started turning on the machine and lights when one of the lights toggle switch fell apart in my hands. I thought I could fix it, but no. This weekend is Virginia's 3 day no sales tax break for school related items so I got dressed and headed up to get another lamp. Picked up a new lamp for an easy 12.99 and a nice cool halogen bulb. Wow those make a difference in the color! I made sure to get one that would slip right into the holder for the last one too.

I had the best intentions to sew all day yesterday too. Then the phone rang at 10:15 and my sister informed me that she and mom were at the hospital. They had each thought the other called to tell me she was getting her port fixed in her arm yesterday. SO I ran through the shower and was in the room at 11:00pm. She got a wonderful nice lady doc who did a great job repairing the port and tying it down with sterile stitches 4 ways so it can't go anywhere this spinning. Best yet was that she felt really good yesterday and was back to her feisty self cutting jokes with the nurses. It made me feel good that they didn't permanently break her spirit the last time.

She also finally let me shave her head yesterday. That was something I said I would do and she held out way too long actually. I talk to her every day at least once, but I hadn't seen her in about 5 days and I was shocked at her appearance. Nobody can get over seeing your mother take off her scarf and she has nothing but clumps of hair left clinging to parts of her head. That's the point I saw my mother as being sick with cancer. Luckily we all had quite a big laugh shaving her head and she actually looks 100% better with nothing on there but a tiny stubble of gray. We even put on her gray Florence Henderson looking wig and cut it to more of what she wanted. You didn't know I was a closet hair dresser huh?

So finally after taking yesterday off for other things I finally got to the machine after an early lunch today and started working on my swap blocks for two lovely ladies who are waiting patiently for me to get my rump back in gear and back to sewing.

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