Thursday, June 11, 2009

how are we doing?

I'm doing much better. More interested and more focused. Finally a few finishes to report! 4th of July Andy...or are these all called Annie's? Doesn't it look like a HE? I'd love to have a more stylized pictures of completed quilts, but with no backyard fences, or backyard for that matter, you get the beige wall in the living room where it's tacked up. *g* I like JoAnn Mullaly's patterns a lot as evidenced by the fact that I do so many of them! Christmas Annie, Four Seasons, and the Basket of Life quilt. Most all her patterns can be found at The Country Loft and they even have a kit available for this mini quilt.

Also finished is the Santa block for my ABC Sampler. It's coming right along now.

You might notice if you see Cheri's quilt that I have enlarged a few of the beginning the "S" and a few others. I wanted a more prominent starting letter on as many as I could make it work for and still look nice. Santa was one that worked well. So I changed it. Don't ya love his polka dot suit?

Then the US block all sewn down. Time to start getting some piece joined together again I think. I prepped and started the next Basket block in line and also have some more blocks to prep for applique. Can't wait to have the whole weekend to spend with hubby, sewing away and getting more things finished!


Karen said...

I'd say that it's a 4th of July Andy. Does look like a guy.
You seem to be getting a lot done on your projects!

Shakerwood said...

Well, whether it's a Andy or an Annie, it's adorable. His/Her outfit kind of reminds me of the pictures I have seen of old shopkeepers in revolutionary times.

Carol said...

I love the 4th of July Andy...I think it's a boy too...and your blocks are just Santa!

antique quilter said...

adorable 4th o f July Andy!
that is really a cute saying too!

Quiltdolls said...

i believe it is a annie. Most of joann's things are annies. You can always call her on tuesday's at the loft. She works most tuesday or e-mail her. address on pattern.


Thimbleanna said...

That santa block turned out great Judy. And the proportion on the letters is just right!

Kim Brackett said...

What a funky-looking little Santa! I just love that primitive applique.

Wendy said...

I'm so happy to hear you are getting back on track, I get in those slumps occasionally as well.
The Andy and saying is so cute.
I love the Santa and his polka dot suit, you do beautiful applique.

Karen said...

I so understand your slump and I'm glad you feeling like it's passing. I really enjoy seeing your ABC blocks - they are adorable and so is your Andy/Annie.

Have a great weekend - Hugs - karen

Lea said...

I love JoAnn's pattern too. Your 4th of July Andy is soooooo cute! Love it!
and I always love this Cheri's Santa. He is darn cute! :-D