Saturday, November 29, 2008

still playing...

I still have not tired of the colors and playing in the dyes! Nope, not one bit. I got my new order from Dump 'N Dye just today and was thrilled with the lovely bolt wool and the new brighter colors of dye. **I have to say that some have said the site isn't easy to navigate. I know it's not the easiest, but the best way to reach them is to either write down what you want and send them an email or use the onsite order form. They will respond and let you know how much your order will be so you can send a check. Remember it's two gals who love making hooked rugs. I've been super pleased with all my dealing with them.**

Check out the beautiful wool to over dye. Yum! They don't have all the plaids I had before but they had two new ones and it should be fun to see what the colors look like on the white wool. From what I understand you get a clearer coloration on natural and white, whereas the oatmeal color is truer to a Primitive coloration in the end. Oatmeal is in the center of the pile. I know the colors I dyed before were lovely in oatmeal. I still have the Midnight dark purple and the Pale Cocoa to do too, but these are the new colors!

From the left:
Raspberry Sherbet
Granny Smith
Forest Fire
Dusky Mallard
Burnt Orange
Molly's Blue (teal)

I plan to play some today dying and I'll make sure to take loads of pictures of how these wools and the jacket wool turned out!

On another note, Friday was spent getting all the quilts out and ironed for hanging. I was so excited to get my newly done Christmas Sampler and the Log Cabin Angel on the wall. I have to thank Libby for showing that quilt...I think it's my most favorite of all! I'll take pictures of them on the wall and post them later today. I also got a few new blocks sewn together and some other works finished as well. I think a nice new LIST is in order soon to get me back under control and working smartly towards getting more quilts finished. to sew, more pictures tomorrow!


Kathie said...

oh boy more dyed are making me consider buying some wool to add to my cheri quilts I hope to make in the future! pLus would love tomake a few ornaments to fill a wooden bowl with from wool.
Can't wait to see the quilts hanging!
I am so impressed you finished all these this year!
what a year you have had.
inspiration plus for the rest of us.

Carol said...

Those wools are beautiful...can't wait to see them after the come out of the dye bath. You are just having tons of fun! Can't wait to see the quilts hanging.

Libby said...

I'm startin' to think maybe you should open up a wool shop *s*

All the Christmas quilts came out today. There are still a few to hang, but my angel was one of the first to go up. She's hanging in our bedroom, keeping watch. She makes me smile every time I see her. I'm glad you love yours, too!