Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Finally Pictures...

Remember back when I was immersed in a swap piece that I couldn't show? Well my swap partner finally got my little quilt and she posted a quick picture for the group, so I thought I share it here. It's not the most clear picture but since I totally spaced taking my own pictures, I am grateful for anything. I will try and get a close up from the magazine where the pattern came from and re-post later. The quilting pattern in the light X pattern is really neat, I'd love for you to see it up close.
When we took our trip this past June to Missouri for the Primitives of the Midwest retreat I walked into Quilter's Station and immediately fell in love with their huge room of homespuns. Not to mention the wonderful gals who work there! Ever since getting home I have been doing an order about once a month and letting them pick out several fabrics for me. Last month they sent me the backings for one of Lynda Halls quilts. This month I sent in my order for 6 orange FQ's, 6 purple FQ's, and 6 light FQ's. I was thrilled again to get such a great bunch of fabrics.

Lastly, I actually have been sewing lost of things here and there...swap blocks and new projects, but mostly still plugging away on the Christmas Sampler blocks. I finished the Holly berries block last night. The pieced holly is pretty primitive, but I think that's why I liked it so much.
I've got a new scrap quilt that I'm almost finished with and I'll promise to post more frequently in the future. It's just been hard to think of things to write about. Happy Quilting!

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sophie said...

I love that pieced holly so much, I am thinking of stealing it to use as a border on a holiday quilt.