Friday, October 12, 2007

Embrace Each Day...

Not a bad title for a quilt pattern..or a slogan to live by. Embrace Each Day is a new pattern from Cheri Saffiote-Payne . I've been a fan of Cheri's patterns for about a year now and I keep ordering more! I'm impatiently waiting for 3 more to arrive soon!! It's her Christmas Quilt Sampler that I'm working right now. I even ordered the BOM sampler for her Sweet Land of Liberty pattern the other day from Homestead Hearth and can't wait for the first month to arrive.

The other day I found another source for her wonderful patterns and boy do they have tons! The Country Loft is the neatest looking quilt shop and I have it on good authority from Libby that it's every bit as great in person as it looks from the web! After going around the site and seeing all the wonderful shop samples I focused in on one pattern that caught my eye. Since I'd just ordered 3 new patterns from Cheri I thought I'd try this one without the pattern. Scraps are great that way! It was fairly easy to see how it was constructed, so I just figured out the sizes that worked for me and got to stitching right from my scrap bin.

I love that it has wool on it. I'm still new at working with wool, but it's so yummy. All the wool applique parts are cut and today I have to stitch down all the wool pieces, quilt it and write the words along the bottom edge. I just couldn't wait to show you how it looked so far!

Happy Quilting! and make sure to "embrace each day!"

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