Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Should have included this yesterday, so here you go. A better-ish picture of the quilt pattern and the hand quilting stitches. It was a mini quilt that I decided to size up so it was easier to work with, but I plan to make one some day in the mini version. The stitches go from the upper corner of the light x section and make a small V pattern. I actually laid down quarter inch tape and made one long line to make a very skinny long X pattern.

The pattern is by Kim Diehl and was free in the October 2005American Patchwork and Quilting magazine. I love Kim's work and I seem to be making more and more things from AP&Q these days. Great magazine!! Hope that helps answer some questions.

UPDATE QUESTION> Kathie needs to know from any ladies who have the Oct. 2005 AP&Q issue...what appears on the cover? I kept just this pattern and tossed the rest so no help from me. Anyone keep all their issues and can leave that info? Thanks a bunch in advance!

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