Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Christmas in October...

Yesterday was what I would call the best mail day ever! 4 packages in one day! I knew it was a good day when the mailman came and rang the buzzer, dropping off 2 parcels that wouldn't fit in our 3x5 tiny box. You'd think nothing would fit, right? But believe me, they can bend, shove and sometimes mutilate to get whole bundles of fabric in that skinny box. SO much so that it takes full force to get them out again! Luckily I tip my mail guy very well at Christmas and he rings the buzzer.

Hooray, my patterns have arrived from Cheri Payne! I already have several of her patterns and really love the way that she packages them. You can see the pictures for Flower Basket and Good Things below. Nativity can be found at her website if you are interested.Also arriving at the door was a priority package from an online quilt store..This "n" That. When I saw this quilt being made on Wendy's blog I was really taken by what an interesting color combination she had put together and I thought about it for a long time. Then the finished quilt turned up at Libby's door and I knew that must be a sign *G* that I should make one! After browsing the other day at the fabric site, I come across the blue fabric and it jumped into my cart! Couldn't help it..had to have some. Can't ignore a sign. My yellow is different but the intent is the same.

After getting these two packages I was quite pleased, so imagine my giddyness to hit the mailbox before getting into the car to hit the grocery store and seeing it packed with more goodies!! My patterns arrived from Lynda Hall!!! I actually won something..shocking to me, but I did! I guessed right and won copies of all the new Summer and Fall patterns. I had my copy of the girls, but having the "official" one is icing on the cake. I love them all Lynda! She even signed the Me and My Shadow pattern. I feel so special. I'm thinking Buckeye Queen is just the size for covering my tootsie's this winter on the sofa.

Last but not least was the final installment for the Pinwheels Ping quilt! Sadly the packages have been tucked away lately and left for another day to finish, but I'll get back to it soon. I got all the fabric pieces for the borders, their applique pieces and the binding..all pre-cut and pressed! What a treat. Pre-made binding ready to sew on the finished quilt. Hooray for that!

So all that in one day's mail, not mentioning the 3 bills, 4 cc offers, Trader Joe's flyer, Pottery Barn catalog and an inch thick Instyle magazine.

I told you that guy can stuff a small box, right?

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