Wednesday, December 10, 2008

sharing the "map"

As I was getting the pattern together for this quilt I realized that a "map" provided to me from a friend didn't come with this months bom package. It probably will in a later package, but since it pertains to the top section below...I thought I'd share it now and say that it can also be found on the tips page.
It gives you sizes of strips you will need to complete the top section and a hint about what goes where!

**I also want to say a few things about this quilt and the patterns. Cheri's patterns can be really intimidating for some if you are used to patterns that give you very detailed actual directions for every tiny piece. These are not those patterns. Don't misunderstand, she gives you directions for everything, but they are hand drawn. I've always looked at them as more of a suggestion rather than a mandate. Your circle might not look like the pattern circle, but if it looks good to you, then it's perfect.There is no wrong and right. If you like how it turned out, then it's right!

They are complicated samplers, but I'd hate to see anyone not do a quilt they love and really want to do because they are worried about it being wrong. I'm a visual person so it's easier for me I guess. I can see something and figure it out faster than reading directions. If you want to try these quilts, start with one block...try it out. Feel free to look at the tips or ask questions. I bet you'll be having fun before you finish. **


Carol said...

Great post the patterns, but they can be a little intimidating until you get used to them.

Yvonne said...

The patterns were not was I was expecting when I first opened them up. But you are right about them and I look forward to making them. I love seeing yours in progress.

Lea said...

Judy, I agree with you. I got so use to Cheri's "foggy" directions by now.*LOL*
So If I made some mistake, I just simply "add" or "take" measurement or so on.
Your supportive direction is so helpfull for the people who wants to make Cheri's quilts. :-)
I'm like Yvonne, I love to see your progress.*S*

yellowfarmhouse said...

Boy I was surprised the first time I opened up one of her patterns - but I also tend to skim directions and do it my way also. I'm so tempted to give that ABC a whirl - it's so cute. Did you get yours from Buggy Barn - I can't remember.


Wendy said...

I love Cheri's "make do" patterns, she has a free and easy style. I really enjoy watching you make her quilts, I need to get more of her patterns.

Shasta said...

That's part of the joy of making a folk art quilt - that your pictures and designs are "you" and mistakes can be incorporated into the design, and make the quilt look more handmade. I've been reading a folk art quilt book, and that's what it says.