Friday, December 19, 2008

more pokeberry...

Just finished up the wreath block and moving onto a few new little quilts for February as well as another pokeberry block. I really love this wreath block! It's a block that would make a nice 4 block quilt or even a nice one block with a lovely border all around...humm, something to think about later! Below is the rosebush block and everything is just easily pinned so I could get all the parts in the right place. I still have to baste the leaves down and trim the stars, lots of stuff as I sew.

It was weird to start more quilts, but I had to remind myself that this quilt, the ABC sampler and the SLOL are long term projects. So Valentines quilts need to get moving now! Should have one top finished tonight!


Anonymous said...

Love these blocks Judy !

Karen said...

I enjoyed making my wreath block. Yours turned out great!
Valentine Day quilts. Good idea to start now. I don't have one specifically for Valentine's Day. I enjoyed seeing so many of them displayed on the blogs.

Kathie said...

your blocks look wonderful.
Been too busy with family things right now but I started to lay out fabric for the second block too.
I agree the other projects are long term and go for the Valentine's little quilts now!
good thinking!
can't wait to see your first one!

Libby said...

Cute roses . . . . perfect for Valentines Day.