Saturday, June 21, 2008

What a couple of days...

So sorry to have been gone so long. I've been slowly working up to doing more and more, sewing wise. I was all set to post earlier in the week, but I had several things to do...doctors check-ups, errands, etc. Things got away from me and I never got on the blog.

Then thursday we're watching tv and get a call from someone at my bank. I didn't pick up but listened as they said they were doing a routine check of my account. Sounds fishy.. especially at 9pm. So I wander in and check my checking account online and there's money M-I-S-S-I-N-G! Well, actually begin held as if I'd made a purchase. So CRAP! I called the number, but the guy wanted too much info and I balked. Never do this when you really don't know who you are calling. Finally find the bank number myself and call. Seems some lovely piece of crap has stolen my debit card number and bought themselves and iPod and lots of music. Probably some teenager.

Note to thief...get a freakin job! Stop stealing other people's money! Oh and by the way...the Ipod won't be getting to your house! But Apple will be calling!

So Friday I planned to spend at the bank in the morning. I wake up and walk out and realize that the tv system is awfully dark. We had the mother of all lightning storms late Thursday night. It woke us up but we drifted right back to sleep before getting up to shut things off. Bad mistake. Luckily the GFIC plug stopped the frying of the TV but surprise, the computer and phone...not so lucky. Off to the bank I go to get my money back in my account, or at least start the process. I get the cable companies call while I'm leaving...round 2.

Nothing can be done over the phone. The guy finally came today and replaced all he could and got the phones working. I now know how much I miss the computer after a whole day without. Not that I wanted anything particular...well access to my bank account, but I'm used to being able to just open it up. Anyway it seems that the lightning came into the house. Fried the phone cord, the cable box thingy, the router, the wireless card in the computer, and probably damaged my favorite phone. Walmart got lucky ($$$) today. Hubby got all those hooked up and well... here I am again!!

Still don't have my money access. Seems in order to give it back to me, I have to wait for the charges to actually come out, then they will put them back. Hopefully tonight or Tuesday at the latest.

So what did I do before all that? Sewed! I got all my swap blocks sewn for the ladies in my little swap and I got this done!
Now I need to cut the blocks and get them off to their recipients who have graciously been waiting for my arms to heal. They are getting better. Those arm bands really help tremendously, and I only bothering with straight seams at the moment. The above block looks complicated but it just straight seams and very simple. Block one of the sampler quilt BOM.

***edited to note*** Should have explained this BOM sampler. It's German and I used Babelfish to first translate enough of the text to figure out where the instructions were and how they worked. It's a nice even 2 inch finished grid, so it's great for jelly roll pieces and charm squares at 2.5" cut. Each post has instructions at the bottom and usually says something to the effect of:
Hier finden Sie die Anleitung für den ersten Quiltsamplerblock

meaning: Here find something for something quilt sampler block! If you hit the link and an Adobe box pops up you are at the right place! They do provide templates for every piece, but I just do 2.5 inch pieces and start sewing. If it's 2 sections wide...4 1/2 inches....three sections equals 6 1/2 inches. Get it? By all means pick the other links too! They go to other quilters pieces! OH last note. On the left sidebar is the link to find the complete BOM posts...under Block of the Month Sampler. Hope that helps!

Tomorrow, I'll show you my newest recipe find. Very yummy soup!


Patti said...

How awful! We went through that a couple times with our credit card. One advantage of belonging to a credit union is thast they cave us conditional credit and refunded the money as soon as I filed the police report. Good thing, as it was several thousand dollars. The debit card would be worse obviously - cash from your checking instead of an added balance on your credit card.

I'm glad your arms are getting better - can't imagine going through all that.

May Britt said...

Look like you had a really crappy day. Hope things will sort out real soon.

Lily Boot said...

That's terrible about your account! There are so many ways we can get tripped up these days! But on a cheerier note - that patchwork is so great! I love the way the crosses and ts click in together- reminds me of a wooden puzzle my daughter has! I must give it a try.

Libby said...

Oh man - I thought you were done with that kind of mess after the PayPal debacle last year. Times are hard - more and more are going to turn to stealing, I'm afraid.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Oh how awful Judy!!!! You always hear about people doing this. It's just terrible. Wouldn't you like to get your hands on them?? I know I would!
Hang in there it's gotta get better right?

Karen said...

Oh, Judy. What a day (or night) you had! I hope all gets straightened out.
I am glad you are back to sewing a bit. I am going to look at the German BOM you mentioned. How in the world did you find it in the first place!

Ginger Patches said...

That is terrible about your bank account! I'm sure it will all get straightened out but what a pain in the butt in the meantime!!!

I love that block, I've seen in somewhere before and wanted to make it so thank you for the link!!! I'll go see if I can figure it out :) I'm so glad to see you back sewing and blogging!!

Anonymous said...

Someone cleaned out my account on Monday but the bank restored the funds when I gave them the police report number. I love this easy block of the month. I see you have used Kaffe Fassett fabrics. Tonight I am gonna started cutting up some Kaffe squares and make this one. I love it.

Brigitte said...

Hi Judy, this is Brigitte, the author of the BOM you just posted a block of. Well, I like the choices of your fabrics a lot, I'm shure your finished quilt will look great!

I'm very excited that one from America joins this procet!!! How did you get to know about?
Thank you for all your effort explaning others how the PDF-Files work so they can try it by themselves.

By the way - there is another blog of me, where I'm usually writing in English (see There aren't posted any sewing patterns, only a kind of diary of my projects and life and some exercises in using colors.

My sister is living in US since more than twenty years and I visited her for several times so I got a little bit to know about America.

Wish you all the best and looking forward to see more of your BOM!