Sunday, June 15, 2008

Liberated Quiltmaking...part 2!

Someone asked over at Tonya's about how the older book was different from the newer Gwen book... Collaborative Quilting with Freddy Moran. Tonya explained it very well at her blog...go read.

What I wanted to add was that I used the LQ book in a different way. I read it front to back and I while I love the kooky off center blocks and twisted stars I never saw myself as someone who would make a perfectly good 9 patch, then lay a ruler over it and purposely re-cut it off kilter.

It seemed like a big waste of fabric to me and time. HOWEVER, this book taught me that IF I sew the blocks together and the seams don't quite meet... IT'S OKAY!! Matter of fact, it looks pretty darn good that way, especially when added to other blocks that are less that "quilt police perfect". For example the picture on the left...does it look like I cared where my seams fell?

So the points on the star don't come to the exact place...who cares!
So one is off and gets chopped off...who cares!
Your seams don't intersect perfectly...who cares!

They actually look nice when they don't. Now one block in a perfect quilt might not go over well, but WHOLE quilts are fun, exciting, and loads of fun to do! It's nice to know you can use scraps and still get great blocks even if you don't have the perfect placement and size of the pieces. Garb a hunk of fabric and sew! Totally wing it. I had no idea how to make a moon, I just started cutting and sewing until I had it where I liked it. Star are more deliberate, but so much fun to make!

I still don't go out of my way to get it to look off kilter and kooky. I just let it flow and if something happens, then who cares. Making whole quilts like this is super fun and extremely freeing. It allows to to relax and really enjoy the process of making the quilt.
Halloweenie Eye Exam

From that experience I got this wonderful quilt of my favorites and one I love to hang each year!


Quilts And Pieces said...

Your Halloween Eye Exam has been a favorite of mine ever since you made it. I love the wonky rectangle/triangle blocks around the houses... they are sooo cute!

Clare said...

I've recently "acquired" LQ and although I've been free piecing for ages, just reading through it has altered my perspective on quiltmaking. I love that Halloween quilt.

Tonya Ricucci said...

I've always loved this quilt - so bright and full of life. marvelous. have to admit I still haven't touched the scraps you sent - I've been trying to do a bunch of non-Halloween quilts (which is hard!)

Katie said...

So love your Halloween quilts. I wonder if I started one now if it would get done by the end of October. Hope they reprint the book and I can get one.

Anonymous said...

I love this quilt! Quilts, as a rule, should always cheer up a room. So often I see dull boring quilts with their generic patterns and predictable fabrics -- I like the adventurous and fun side of quilting. This quilt shows that beautifully!


Liz Harrell said...

I just found your blog this morning, and oh my goodness! I'm in love with the Halloween quilt, fantastic!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I love your halloween quilts. They are great!!!

Ginger Patches said...

That's a great quilt! Sounds like a great book-I hope they do re-publish, I want a copy!

sammyjo said...

holy **** wow, now this quilt i love and really wish i could steal you should be really pround of your self. It's amazing probably the best one i've come a cross in the blogging world. I just LOVE it.

Its so busy and colourful!