Friday, November 9, 2007

Happy Dance!!

The mailman just delivered my new learning project. Thanks Lynda! I named it that because unless I learn to do it, it won't get made...I'm talking about knitting. Now I have done knitting before but it was a bookmark and I learned in the Girl Scouts. I'm not even guessing how long ago that class occurred. No one else guess either, please! Can't be but so hard, I remember knitting, I remember having tension issues too. I think I'll call the local knitting shop and see if they can set me up with a refresher course and some one on one help to start off the project.

Too bad it's not crochet, I could do that in my sleep I've done it so long. I was reading Libby's list of things her grandmother taught her and I had to think back to my own grandmother...Nama we called her. My oldest sister's G's came out like N's and the name stuck. She taught me everything I know. Not her only mother is severely craft/sewing handicapped, but it dawned on me that I was the only one who ever learned anything from her. I guess thinking about it now none of my 3 sisters do anything crafty. NO interest at all. But I loved it.

Here we all are. That me in the fabulous pink and grey Easter dress standing next to her. I was about 7 or so I guess. She taught me to crochet at about 9 or so and it was tough going at first because I am right handed and she was left handed. We tried sitting across from each other, nope. She tried doing it right handed...nope. Finally I grabbed the hook in my left hand and said just show me. I still crochet left handed to this day.... with the hook she gave me to use. A very heavy steel hook, can't use any other as they don't feel right in my hand.

She taught me crewel and needlepoint, and how to make the most amazing placemats from this weird fabric with a strange weave that we pulled long pieces of floss through to create all sorts of designs...Christmas trees, indian/aztec geometric sort of designs. I really ought to get some of that if they still make the fabric and make some more placemats. Anyone know what that was? I think my mom still has the sets I made for her. Funny to think that with no kids of my own all this stuff will stop with me. None of the nieces care to learn. Maybe one day they will before I'm too old to pass it along. Well I've had my cry for today missing my Grandma, so I'm off to sew and finish a top. Thanks for starting the trip down memory lane Libby.

**Thanks to Vera for the info..It's called Huck Toweling and Swedish Weaving!**