Sunday, November 4, 2007

Christmas Sewing...

While I still consider myself to be in a major quilting slump, things are beginning to look up. I often had issues when I was working and found my desk littered with so many tasks that I sometimes considered calling in sick and forcing someone else to deal with them all...(not exactly what bosses look for in an employee)...but I never actually did in real life. Sounded like a plan though. Rather, I would work through it all by making a list, starting with job one and working through them all until they were done. It always worked before, so I thought I'd give it a try.

I'm a big list maker, it just works for me. To that end I mentioned the other day taking the time out to pre-cut the quilts that I wanted to work on and get them orderly, planned out and ready to go with the most difficult part done...the DECISIONS!! Why do I find it so hard to decide what to use for a block...let alone a whole quilt? For example, I agonize over picking the color combos for my swap blocks every month. I want them to be just perfect. Some months are easy, and some, like this month, are worse than hard. But I picked and cut, and today I'll get them sewn and in the mail tomorrow....5 days late. Sorry ladies.

One task I did complete was to make my very first Christmas piece for this year! Marcie was so generous to make a table topper pattern and share it with everyone who reads her blog. It can be found at her pattern website. Just follow the above link. I know Libby made one, and I think others have a well...I put mine together this weekend and finished sewing the binding last night. Marcie this quilt is so cute! I'm gonna have to make another with the green border and Christmas reds! ** Wow, I went to get the link and was shocked! Check out Marice's website gallery and you can see pictures of ALL the wonderful versions of this table topper!**

Now I'm off to finish cutting the last of the triangles for my sofa quilt. My toes are getting colder and colder as our weather finally turns fall! We are settling into the low 60's this week and high 50's next....hubby is less than pleased, but I love it! Finally fall! Happy Quilting!

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